One story ends, another begins.


I wouldn’t say I’m exactly new to this blogging thing, but then again, writing on a Livejournal can only give one so much credit.  I have grown out of it and needed a new start somewhere, and here I am.

But why the move?

After writing on and off for ten years, writing on there became more of a chore than anything else.   The writing didn’t feel real, it felt censored.  I felt like I had to write in a certain way to go along with my other writings. It didn’t feel free.  But things will be different now!  If I don’t know you and you are reading this, how the hell did you find this page? Er, I mean welcome!  I hope my writings will be of some interest to some people.

So my blog starts here.  This poor site looked lonely so I felt like I had to write something real quick.  Hope to see you sooner than later.



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