Last week was my brother’s birthday potluck.  I decided to go ahead right after work, figuring I would only there for a few hours or so.

I didn’t leave until 12:30 AM.

It was a long night of eating, socializing and playing with my nieces.  Let me just get this out of the way and say I love my nieces to death.  They’re cute, smart, AND nerdy!  I don’t remember being able to memorize who’s in the Justice League or yelling out random Japanese words when I was a kid.  A bunch of my brother’s friends and I played Memory with them and got our asses kicked.  I had difficulty remembering where certain cards were and there were so many different fucking cards!  Anyways, it was funny watching everyone just fail miserably and Isabella and Giselle kept getting more and more cards.  Giselle, (my younger niece who is 4 I believe?) ended up winning.

After playing with them, I talked with Brandon and Zach, who make the very well-known local hip-hop group called Big Quarters.  I’m always a big starstruck when I see them in person and talk to them, regardless if they are close friends with my brother and talk to me like any other friend.  My brother finally arrived and we had more fun and the party eventually winded down, resulting in Brandon and my brother playing NBA 2k11.  I’m not a big sports games fan (I have nothing against them, I just suck at them), but watching them play is just like watching an actual game.  That’s one thing I like about sports games; it completely mimics an actual game with the replays, commentary, camera angles, etc.  With the graphics we have nowadays, it’s a bit hard to tell the difference.  The two games they played were extremely close, with the last game being my brother’s victory who had won by a mere two points.  Everybody was yelling like it was an actual damn game.  It made me think how far video games have gone and it made me smile.  All in all, it was a fun day, followed by an accidental 11-hour slumber.  Hey, I’m not complaining.


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