Dead Rising 2

I’ve been recently playing Dead Rising 2 for the 360 which has been pretty fun.  Essentially it is a “zombie” game, where you run around a strip mall that has a ton of casinos in a Las Vegas-esque town.  The game presents itself as killing a ton of zombies in a lot of different ways without a care in the world.


I wouldn’t really call it that though.  It’s more like running from objective to objective and killing zombies along the way.  Zombies are actually more of a nuisance; there are a ton of them and usually blocking your way or trying to chomp you while you’re trying to reach destination A in X amount of time.  This can get frustrating at times but at least you can take your frustration by smashing their brains out.  As odd as it sounds, I wish I could appreciate the zombies more but instead I’m more worried about the time.

So many things to do, so little time.

As you might have guessed by now, the whole game is time based.  Basically the whole story takes place in 72 game hours, in which it ends when the military shows up.  In these 72 hours, you are doing story missions and in between those story missions, you are rescuing survivors or killing psychopaths.  Time management is important as all missions have a time limit; if you wait or take too long, the mission will disappear and you will no longer be able to do it.  If you miss a story mission, you’re screwed and the game ends (you are given the option to continue but the consequences will be fatal).  You’ll be looking at your watch (see above) a lot, trying to figure out what to do first, and if you’ll have time to do it before you miss something story related.  I’m pretty neutral with this system; on one hand, I’d rather have no time limit and just enjoy the game (and killing zombies) but on the other hand, that would take a lot of the difficulty away from the game.  Luckily, you are given the option to start the story over again with your stats carried over so if you miss a lot of things your first playthrough or you have screwed yourself into corner, you’re welcome to start from the beginning and zoom through the game with ease.  This would be very annoying though if you’re near the end of the game however.

Definitely bring a friend.

Thankfully, a co-op mode saves the day.  While not perfect, it makes the game a lot more fun and doable.  You can have a friend hop in on your game whenever you want and the two of you can kill zombies together!  I don’t think I’d be able to play this game by myself; the bosses are too frustrating, the game would get too repetitive and it just makes the whole game more enjoyable with another person.

Overall, Dead Rising 2 is a fun game if you have someone to play it with.  If you don’t, I’d rent it and see what you think.  If you liked the first one (which I only played the demo of), you’ll like the second one because it’s more of the same but with improvements.  Also, I can actually read the fucking text in this game; the previous game’s text was horrendous on a SDTV.   I will leave you with one more thought:  The game nails the mall setting perfectly.  I love killing tons of zombies with cheesy mall music that does not fit the mood at all.

Just picture this playing as you kill hordes of zombies with the most ridiculous weapons in a department store.  It’s the little things that makes me like the game.


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