I’ve been trying to socialize more this spring/summer for various reasons, that I’ll mention eventually.  But anyways, I was invited to a Good Friday party out of the blue.  It was far from religious, trust me.

One thing I like about parties is talking to new people.  I used to hate going to parties because I’d only hang around the people I knew with and wouldn’t interact with anyone else at all.  I’d cling to my friends and I felt bad for it.  Bit by bit though, this has changed.  I still hang out with my friends but if they wander off, I’m not afraid to jump in to some other person’s conversation or just chit chat with someone random.  This was the case of this party.

I made a couple of interesting characters, including this semi-hippie intelligent chick, a military man who had some very interesting ideals and thoughts as well as some others.  Those two stood out a lot though.  The girl was talking to me about how tap water is really gross and what exactly is in it as well as other random stuff.  The pinnacle of the evening was when we are all pretty drunk and a few of my friends, the hippie and the guy were talking about serious issues such as military occupation in foreign countries, why the guy fights for the U.S., global control over farms/foods, etc.  I honestly never would’ve imagined talking about such interesting things at a party while drunk.  It was a pleasant surprise and I was happy to see that not all military people are ignorant fools.  But I already knew that.

Many drinks were had, including Jell-O shots.  I was dangerously drunk for awhile but decided to slow down because it was only 9 PM. I played beer pong for the first time although drinking beer was not involved; if it was, I would’ve never played.  The night turned sour though once people started getting obnoxiously drunk and most of the guys went into frat mode.  Finally, we departed at around 2:30 AM.  I probably went to bed at around 3:30 or so; I had not been up that late since a year ago.  Still, it was a fun time.  I’ll probably do it again sooner than later 🙂


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