I need to catch up with writing!  The longer I wait, the more things that keep happening, all of which I want to write about.  I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting about events as well. So, here we go.

Last weekend, I decided to hang out with Kris on a whim at Namba.  Namba is a district in Osaka where one can see a few famous landmarks in Dotonbouri (a district within Namba) like the huge crab and the running man from Gilco.  A couple of my coworkers tagged along with me and were on our way.

Namba is very big.  We spent most of the day just wandering around, checking out the huge shopping districts and odd stores.  We even went to a purikura, a photo booth that is really popular with young people.  Basically you take pictures of you and your friends and afterward you pimp them out, Photoshop style by adding stuff on it or messing around with the background, etc.  The rest of the walk was a candyland as I saw a ton of arcades all over the place. I got some delicious curry for lunch:

Here’s the running man:

Here’s the famous crab in Dotonbouri:

There was a store that had cute little dogs but I was really worried about them.  They were in a tiny building in small cages, with no A/C, just a few fans.  :\ What can one do though?  It was very fancy as a lot of the dogs were very expensive.  Kris mentioned that no matter what the weather was, he noticed dogs wearing some sort of clothing.  As soon as I heard it, I started noticing it more and more.  I guess pets have to be fashionable regardless of the season?  Ugh, poor dogs.  Here’s the place:

We also went through Shinsaibashi, a huge shopping area.  Here’s an example of how packed it is:

The highlight of the day was definitely when we came across two police officers questioning two girls on a bridge and one was dressed up as Pikachu.  Oh, Japan:

I ran into a Kit Kat store which made me happy as I accepted a task from a friend in the States that involved finding as many different varieties of Kit Kat as I could.  Apparently the chocolate is pretty big here, compared to the U.S.  It was a total disappointment though as I found only two flavors, while the rest of the store just had regular groceries.  It truly was the ultimate troll:


After wandering for hours, we grew tired and decided to call it a day.  Not bad for a first visit to Namba, and it will definitely not be the last. As I finish writing this, I have been there a three or four times already.  The only problem with going to Namba is the price.  It costs about 6 bucks for a one way trip on my train line.  So I’m at least wasting 12 dollars to just go and come back from it.  Basically, if I’m going there, I’m going to be making a day out of it.


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