Videos and finally catching up to the present!

Well, now that I have blazing fast internet, I was able to upload all the videos I have made so far in Japan.  A lot of them relate to my previous posts, so I will now proceed to flood you with them!

This first one is when I was headed to Osaka on the Shinkansen.  You can tell how fast we were going by how wavy everything is on the video:

This next one was taken during my first morning in my new home.  I woke up way too early but was unable to go asleep, so I decided to make a video.  I have figured a few things out by now and my apartment definitely looks better since I filmed this.  I plan on filming another one to show how much progress has been made once I get a few more things in there.

This next two were from my first trip to Namba.  There was this really cool restaurant with a huge, moving octopus, blowing steam and moving its tentacles.  i just had to film it:

Finally, this short video was showing how busy it was on a Saturday in Namba. I’m sure at night it is crazier:

I also have a few videos during the fireworks festival besides the one I posted the other day.  I won’t bother posting them all here, but if you’re interested, you can see them on my Youtube channel.

Anyways, we had a school orientation this past week.  I finally saw the last JET in our area who apparently lives somewhere else; his name is Tom. He likes soccer, video games, and has a British accent, so he’s okay in my book.  Ohashi-sensei gave us the lowdown on what would be happening this month in terms of events.  On the second day of orientation, Rodney, a former Izumi JET, gave us tips and very useful information on what to expect on the schools.  During breaks we would all play ping pong on the table right behind us.  Apparently it is a tradition to play ping pong at every meeting, which I’m cool with.  After orientation was over, I decided to head to Namba on a whim as there was a Osaka JET meeting going on with all the officers.   I figured this would be a good opportunity to continue to get to know more people.  To my surprise, Andrew decided to tag along.  He usually hangs out with the people he already knows so I felt kinda cool to actually inspire him to go with me.

The meeting itself was very long, but we got a lot done.  I was able to vote on some things that were going to be done this year, so my presence actually meant something.  After the meeting, we all decided to head to a Mexican restaurant/bar that was closing down soon.  It had super cheap drinks, which was a plus.  I talked to quite a lot of people and got to know Andrew some more.  We also talked to our waitress quite a bit, as she knew English pretty well (and also knew French!) who was going to be taking the teacher examination this month, which I will actually be participating in as well.  I will be helping the interviews rather than taking them though.  More on that when it actually happens.  Finally, we decided to drunkenly go home as we were going to go to the beach the next day.  Overall, another fun night in Namba.  It still has yet to fail me!

The day at the beach was pretty fun.  Getting there was another story though, as we kept missing the station we had to transfer to and it probably delayed our trip by 30 minutes or so.  On one of the trains, I saw an amusing family sitting across from me.  The dad and the kid were both playing games on their portable systems while the poor girl was bored and slowly falling asleep.  Cute family:

The beach itself was nice and breezy.  I didn’t really swim that much and opted to sit under our umbrella and chat with Tina.  Being under the shade and feeling the sea breeze actually made it very refreshing.  Here some pics.  It was a bit messier than your average beach, which kinda sucked:



Afterward, we went to Yoshinoya for some beef bowls.  Beef bowls are my new favorite food in Japan; I will down a bowl very fast.  They’re so good and I’m glad there isn’t one by your station as I would just go there all the time and pig out:

Today we did some more paperwork and afterward I was going to go to Joshin and finally get a washing machine.  However, I come out with a 32 inch LCD TV as it was on sale for a ridiculously low price.  Unfortunately I didn’t have enough on me to get both things on the same day so I opted to get the TV as there was only 3 left.  I plan on going tomorrow and FOR SURE getting a washing machine.  And a bookshelf.  And a TV stand.  My sofa arrives tomorrow as well so after all those purchases, my living room will be basically complete!  I am excited to actually see my apartment full of stuff.

And there we have it. I’ve finally caught up to the present!  It’s funny because usually during my free time i would be playing video games or something but instead I find myself updating this blog. It’s been two weeks since I’ve really played something…crazy, huh?  I guess I’m turning into an actual blogger, which I don’t mind.  As long as there is something interesting to write about, I will probably put it on here.  And there really isn’t a dull moment in Osaka at the moment, so I’m sure you’ll see another entry pretty soon.


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