The last burst of relaxation

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have been in Japan.  It went by very slowly when I was in Tokyo and just arrived in Osaka but as soon as August came, it has been flying by.  In my opinion, summer is basically over. The last two weeks before school are almost full of visits to schools, introductions, workshops and other things.

So what’s been going on since my last update?  Not a whole lot.  Last week I’ve been mostly furnishing my place by building all the stuff that arrived for me like my TV stand, bookshelf and clothes hangar for my closet.  I also got my washer the other day which is awesome.  I still have to get used to hanging my clothes on my balcony afterward but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.  Once the TV was assembled and my systems hooked up, I was guaranteed never to be bored again:

A bunch of us went to Nanba to go to Den Den Town (the equivalent of Akiba in Tokyo, aka game/anime/electronics central) but first we decided to get some food.  After a long detour, Andrew introduced us to this awesome burrito place.  It tastes like an authentic Mexican burrito, Chiptole sized.  The tortilla chips were made from scratch too and it was fucking amazing.  Also, getting a set meal is cheaper than getting a single burrito in the U.S.!  I have a feeling that we would be going there a lot if it was closer…this is probably a good thing, though.

We kinda entered Den Den Town but didn’t really explore much since we were on a time limit.  The place we went to was Softmap, a huge electronics store that also had a lot of games and anime related things.  At least I think that was the store, it’s hard to remember since we went to a few.  Anyways, this was one of those moments where it hit me once again that I was in Japan.  I saw huge advertisements for anime coming out in the future with TVs blasting trailers, a section dedicated to anime and figurines and the last floor dedicated to hentai games.  It was crazy.  I took a few pictures but they barely do the surroundings justice:



That hamburger thing is actually a wipe for your monitor.  I just had to take a picture.

The had a pretty big library for Dreamcast games.  The nerd in me grinned at this.


This was the figurines/anime floor.  While there were a few cool things in there, it felt a bit overwhelming.  Some of the figurines were just…wrong.


This was actually taken at another store. It had a model section and I noticed two huge Gundam figures.  Tracy just couldn’t resist and changed the Gundam’s finger positioning to something more amusing:

Yes, that is Gundam flipping you off.  Oh, Tracy….

Here’s a close-up of the Gundam models  They look badass but I bet they’re difficult to build.

I bought a few things for my apartment like HDMI cables and we were on our way.  This is the first time I have owned an HDTV so I was very excited to play my 360 on 1080p definition as well as using my laptop on my TV screen.  Now I can watch stuff I download or on the web on a huge screen!  My place is definitely mostly furnished; I am missing only a few minor things but it looks far from the empty apartment I walked in 3 weeks ago.  The only major thing I have to do is install my stove, buy more dishes and get a night stand.  Other than that, I’m gold.

We went to a couple of new restaurants as well.  My favorite one by far is the 280 yen one.  Basically everything is 280 yen (like 3 dollars or so); food, drinks, huge glasses of beer, the works.  The food was delicious and there was plenty of beer to make one…not sober:

While a huge mug of beer is good, my personal favorite was the mango beer.  Initially, I wasn’t too impressed but once I mixed it, it tasted amazing.  I think I might have to replace it as my favorite beer.  Unfortunately, the glasses are a bit smaller….

After much drinking and eating, we went out to do some karaoke.  Apparently I impressed everyone with my singing; I guess I sing better when I’m drunk.  And they loved my Louis Armstrong impersonation when I did “What a Wonderful World.”  It was a lot of fun.  The day after, not so much.

That’s pretty much everything I did up to the past couple of days.  I’ll write more about that next time.  Time to enjoy the remaining few days of summer!


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