Rinku Town

As soon as I got home from the bar with Andrew, I had to immediately start packing for Rinku Town.  I wonder where they got that name?  Anyways, all the new Osaka JETs were going to the Kansai Language Institute for a crash course on Japanese.  It was split into 5 levels and I felt kinda proud to be in the the second advanced class.  I reunited with a few of my fellow Osaka JETs like Kris and also met a lot of the new JETs as well.  Before class begun, we had a chance to check out the dorms we would be staying in.  Overall, it was a really nice place.  Here is a little video tour:

You had a really nice view from the rooms as well.  Here are a few pictures:



Here’s a picture of the place itself.  Some of these pictures are small because I did not take them:

One important thing about the building is that it had a free karaoke room.  That’s right, free karaoke.  More on that later.  Class itself was pretty good, it made me miss Japanese class a lot.  I’m not too great on self-studying and just talking in Japanese to classmates and the teacher was fun.  I thought about all my wonderful memories at the U of M with my friends and crazy teachers.  All things come to an end though.

After classes was when the fun really began though.  Our first night we decided to go to this Indian restaurant.  It was amazing. I haven’t had much Indian food and this makes me want to eat some more ASAP.  One thing I like about Japan is that their version of spicy is so terrible that even I can eat spicy foods.  Here’s a picture of our crew, in addition to a few veteran JETs.  Yes, I photobombed the picture and it was hilarious.

The restaurant staff was very friendly; to thank us for showing up in a huge group, they gave us a few free drinks and appetizers.  It’s kinda cool to see other cultures doing well here and very interesting to hear them speak English, Japanese and Hindi!  At night we grabbed a few cheap beers and hung out by the rocky beach and just chatted. It was really nice out and I took a few pictures of the area.  The Ferris wheel was a lot cooler because it kept changing colors:

Afterward, we decided to go to the karaoke and sing our asses off:

Karaoke was pretty much the highlight of the trip.  Everyone got drunk, sung a ton of songs and just generally created mischief while we watched others sing.  I drank but not a ton because I never want to wake up the next work day with a hangover. The first night people were still doing alright, but the second night things went a bit crazy.  People I had never seen drunk before were flat out acting hilarious and out of character.  This picture pretty much sums up our nights:

Kris is the guy in the middle and demanded we had a group hug during the pic.  To his left is Judith, who apparently gets super cuddly after she drinks (she kept calling me a teddy bear lol) and next to her is Tina!  Us 3 are part of the Izumi crew which is…10 people total. The other two girls are Jess and Reiko (who reminds me a lot of Minnesota Andrew with is not PC humor), who are awesome people. The next (and final) day people were compeltely hungover except for me.  It wasn’t a pretty sight. Tina decided to take a picture of our class before we left:

The staff at the institute were great.  When we all headed back, they waited for us until we got on the shuttle and waved us off until we couldn’t see them anymore.  Overall, staying in Rinku Town was a lot of fun and I got to meet the rest of the Osaka JETs!  It was also the final time we would be blissfully relaxing and not worrying about work.  From here on out, it’s getting ready for school which starts on September 1st.


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