More first impressions.

After I left my Monday school last Monday, I was a wreck, physically and mentally.  I had played futsal the week before and my ankles were just sore.  Nothing huge.  But going back home was very difficult as my ankles turned for the worst.  I was in extreme pain every step of the way back.  Had I sprained it?  I couldn’t tell so I just decided to rest it for a day.

The next day was really bad.  I was limping badly but luckily my English teacher of my Tuesday school was picking me up from home.  My Tuesday school as a school is pretty well-behaved and I don’t really have to worry about anything.  She has the entire schedule planned out for you already so all you basically have to do is follow her lead.  I’ll admit it can be a bit boring at first but I just see it as a way to take it easy, something I definitely needed with this bad ankle of mine.  After work I started to look for a doctor and eventually found one, but was unable to go that day because they had already closed.  I bought some aspirin and decided to endure it until tomorrow.

Wednesday.  I returned to my Wednesday school  for a second time.  Once again I was lucky because I just had to catch a train and transfer to a bus which dropped me off in front of the school.  As I approached my bus stop, I could see my vice principal waving at me.  He really is a nice guy.  The second I step out, he notices something is wrong with me.  I tell him about my ankle and he immediately tells me that he will get the nurse to check me out.  The nurse puts some stuff on me and wraps my ankles which actually helped a lot.  Word spreads out fast about my injury so the staff looks out for me the entire day.  The vice principal gives me a towel as a gift.  I think this might be my favorite school because of how nice everyone is as well as how co-operative they are with each other.  The teachers will approach me to make plans for lessons rather than me chasing them or waiting.  After work I went straight to the doctor who told me my ankles weren’t sprained but just swollen.  I was given some lotion and told not to move a lot.  Sounds good to me.

Thursday. I thought my junior high would be easier because the teachers generally have an idea what they want and a curriculum, but it’s actually harder.  Lesson planning takes longer since the kids are older and they can do more complicated things.  I also have to make materials and presentations when asked or I end up helping the teachers.  I was busy the entire day.  Once again I helped Risa with her recitation and took a picture with the newspaper club per request of my teacher.  The classes themselves were less exciting compared to elementary school.  As everyone knows, junior high is probably the worst phase of students.  They’re growing up, things are awkward and they are too cool for school.  The problem here is there isn’t any discipline so if a student really felt like it, he could just sleep during the entire class, read something, or just wander off.  Luckily I don’t really have that problem but students are just dead quiet during the classes.  Things are less exciting for them.  The 7th graders are still like elementary kids though, and they were a lot of fun.  I have a kid who is a huge Eva fan and after he figured out I was one, he kept asking me Eva related questions.  It was really funny.  After work I went to the Konami gym that I signed up for and had a tour.  I ran into Minamimatsuo JHS’ vice principal there, who is preparing for the Osaka marathon.  The tour itself was really detailed as the tour guide showed me how to do every machine.

Friday!  Ohashi-sensei, my supervisor, was kind enough to drive me to my Friday school because it’s normally a 25-30 walk, something impossible in my current state.  Overall, the classes went alright except for one particular classroom.  When I went inside, the teacher told me, “Sumimasen, watashi no jugyou wa urusai desu.” (Sorry, my class is really noisy).  I didn’t give it a second thought because most elementary kids were loud.  When I started to do my self-intro though, I could see what she meant.  A lot of the kids didn’t really quiet down but this one particular kid was pissing me off.  He kept making a scene by throwing his shit on the ground and yelling whatever, running out of the classroom.  5 minutes later he would come back.  This would repeat every few minutes.  The teacher was basically handling him while I taught the entire class, something that caught me off guard.  Luckily, I had enough materials to keep the kids distracted for the entire class time and the rest of the kids weren’t bad.  Noisy is one thing but if you’re making a scene, it’s really irritating.  I think I’ll have to specially prepare for that particular classroom every time I teach there.

Thus ended my first work real work week.  The weekend that followed was truly a fun and bizarre one.  More on that later.


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