My first undoukai

As I mentioned before, the 4 day weekend I had recently was extremely boring for the most part. Everyone had left town or was busy, and I was left to do….productive things, such as clean my place up, buy more furniture, etc.  By the time Sunday rolled around, I was bored out of my mind.  Luckily I had an event going on that day…my Monday’s school was having an undoukai.  Undoukai means “sports festival” and it is a annual event in which all schools participate.  The event entails all the grades doing some sort of athletic activity, whether it’s a 100 m dash, relay racing, tug of war, and dances.  For the past month I have seen kids practice for hours and hours in preparation for the day.  I usually hear the chants while I’m in the office and sometimes I will check it out.  Here is a example of just another day at work during the practice:

I’ve only heard about it through Japanese manga/anime, so I was curious to see how it was in real life.  Also, I had to go since the entire school has the following school day off as a result of working on a weekend.  Since we got Monday off, I had to go.  No problem, because I was bored as hell.  Since the undoukai I was going to was for an elementary school, I was thinking it wasn’t going to be as intense as a junior high one might be.  I was mistaken as I was seeing a lot of events with the kids sprinting, doing well-choreographed dances, etc.  I guess it makes sense since they had been spending months just for this day.  There was no way any school in the U.S. could pull this off as it required a lot of time and effort.  I could only imagine parents complaining to the school board of overworking their kids and junk. Needless to say, all the activities were very impressive to watch.  All students belong to a certain color team and whoever has the most points by the end of the day (gained by winning races and events) wins the overall event.  At this school, there were four teams: blue, white, yellow and red.  They were definitely competitive and even I was getting into it.

The worst part of the day was when a bee started hovering around me in the staff tent.  I really, really, really hate bees.  Unfortunately I could not move because everyone was next to me and the principal was presenting the aware nearby, which I did not want to interrupt.  So I kept my cool and froze…until it went under my shirt.  You could only imagine how badly I was freaking out.  It stayed there fore a minute and then flew out.  I thought the nightmare had ended until it came back and landed on my forehead.  Once again, I froze up, feeling it crawl slowly around my hair.  A few minutes rolled by and I couldn’t tell if it was still there or not.  Moments later, it flew away and went back to land on my arm.

What the fuck.  Seriously, what did I do to this bee?  Is this a test of endurance/facing my fears?  I held my breath and did my best not to move once again.  Finally, it left for good.  I felt extremely proud not to have screamed like a girl and ran as well as not getting stung!  My heart was pounding like crazy as my composure began to fail.  My vice principal noticed what was going on and chuckled at me.  Jerk.

And then the bee came back.  This was my cue to leave before he started hovering over me again.  I promptly snuck out of the tent and school, calling it a day.  It was fun but I definitely did not like the bee part.  I took a lot of videos of the event, so I’ll post a few here. Apologies in advance as the videos are kinda jittery:

 This one is too cute, in my opinion.  Oh, first graders!

The rest can be seen on my Youtube page.  There are around 10 videos(!) so I don’t want to spam them all on this entry.

I need to catch up with the present again.  I did a lot of fun things this weekend so I will hopefully update this blog again soon!


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