Countering the boredom

Well, I was an idiot and accidentally deleted this entry from my computer without even uploading it online.  So here’s round 2 of writing this!

Unlike the four day weekend, last weekend was completely packed.  Well, it was mostly Saturday that was packed, but still!  The fun began on Friday when I was invited to go to a baseball game at the Kyocera Dome with my coworkers at Minamimatsuo Elementary.  I love these guys, so I couldn’t refuse.  The game we were watching was the Orix Buffaloes against some other team.  We got there around the 6th inning which was perfectly fine by me because baseball is way too long.  No one even scored until we got there.  I feel like the Japanese are just as passionate with baseball as the Americans.  The stadium was barely half full but the cheering from the crowd made it unnoticeable.  They even have cheerleaders for the teams!  I can only imagine what a Hanshin Tigers game is like.  For those who don’t know, the Hanshin Tigers is the Osakan baseball team that everyone is crazy about.  The fans are really hardcore and over the top.  Here’s a video of the Orix Buffaloes’ little cheerleading and the crowd.  The sound is really crackly, sorry!:

The Buffaloes ended up winning by one point so it was a fun game to watch.  Afterward, the vice principal asked for a picture of us in front of the dome.  A police officer was happy to take it for us.  Starting from the left is my vice principal, the 4th grade teacher, moi, 3rd grade teacher and the 1st grade teacher.  They’re all awesome and I feel bad for always forgetting their names since I see so many different staff members every day:

Afterward, we went to a yakuniku place because everyone was starving since we all skipped lunch.  Yakuniku is a place where you cook all the food yourself; you are given slabs of whatever meat you order and you place it over the grill that is on your table.  It’s really good and not too pricey. We all talked for a couple of hours but by the end, they were all talking amongst themselves.  It only encouraged me to study more Japanese because I couldn’t understand anything that they said.  I got home at around 11 and went straight to bed because Saturday was going to be crazy  busy.

I woke up at Saturday at around 7:30 because I told Judith I would accompany her to Kitaikeda’s undoukai.  We both share the school; I go on Fridays while she goes on Tuesdays.  It wasn’t a requirement to go because it didn’t affect our work week but we went anyways out of appreciation.  Here are some videos of that undoukai and once again, the rest will be up on my Youtube channel:

At around noon, I left the undoukai because I had another event to attend to at 1.  I had been invited to a massive BBQ/video game party in Namba.  Unsurprisingly enough I get lost for about 20 minutes looking for the place when it was literally in front of me.  After finding it, I was very surprised to see 15+ Japanese girls chatting with everyone.  Apparently one girl brought a lot of them with her so I ended up practicing my Japanese with them.  I also played a bit of Call of Duty with 8 other people.  It was really funny when I first got there because I saw a Japanese guy playing it for the first time and I was instructing him in Japanese what to do.  “Right, left! Turn around! Behind you!  Shoot, shoot!” while he’d be yelling “Ahh, this game is too hard!” and “This is too dangerous!” in Japanese.  Here’s a pciture of us playing it:

There was some Rock Band playing as well, as you can see here:



After a couple of hours, I had to take off once again to attend the language exchange meetup.  This time it was held in some private rooms at a bar so I was no longer constrained to a table.  It was fun but it got waaay too crowded toward the end of the night.  A lot of Nara JETs crashed it and there ended up being 30 people in a room. It led to screaming at each other just to talk to someone, which I detest.  Overall though, it was really fun.  We found a British royal guard outfit in a closet and of course, someone had to wear it for a picture.  Kris volunteered for it:

Once again, I barely caught the last train back home.  I really hate last trains because if I miss it, either I do an all-nighter or pay over 100 dollars to go home.  Either way, I lose.  Some were doing the former but I just didn’t have the energy for it.  I hadn’t slept well all week and needed to get some energy back.  Sunday was very uneventful, which rocked.  I just cleaned my place up and did next to nothing.  This weekend is the Hiroshima Sake festival but since I was so busy this week, I couldn’t figure out where to stay or co-ordinate with friends.  There is a good chance I will be going to Kyoto tomorrow with Kris and Jess so if that happens, I’ll be sure to write and post pictures on it!  October is turning out to be an interesting month, more on that later.



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