Halloween in Osaka.

Not too long after Andrew and Joy visited, I had to get ready for Halloween.  While I did pick out a costume awhile back, I felt like I needed more accessories for it.  I was going as a school delinquent/yanki.  Those who aren’t familiar with how they look, they’re basically school kids wearing their uniforms in a half-assed fashion while having their hair sticking up, smoking, and usually wearing shades.  So on Saturday, I decided to go to Namba and buy a few things.   I also stopped by a department store where I was told sold Inca Kola.  The report was true, I was very happy to see I can get my favorite pop (from Peru, no less) in Japan for only 105 yen!:

After shopping some, I headed back to get ready for the night.  From what I heard, Halloween in Osaka can be pretty crazy as there are a lot of foreigners and Japanese that dress up and roam around Namba.  There is also a huge party at the Osaka Loop Line train stations but I heard the police were cracking down on it.  Also, my BoE sent us a letter basically saying not to attend it so I opted not to even bother with it.  The plan was to hang out with my fellow IzumI JETs in Namba and go to the JET Halloween party in Amemura.  I was pretty impressed at how my costume turned out, I was looking pretty badass/douchey:

Andrew dressed up as a host boy, Tracy was a witch, Dawn was a Japanese ghost, Judith was a cat and Fumi (Tracy’s boyfriend) was a vampire.  Here are several pictures of us before we left our apartment:

I had a feeling we were going to get a lot of stares the second we got out and I was dead on. People were turning heads, giggling, freaking out or looking amazed at our costumes.  The train ride to Namba was pretty hilarious too; the lady who was sitting next to Judith quickly got up and left once we sat down and the stares continued.  People were particularly looking at Fumi because he is Japanese and they couldn’t tell until he opened his mouth.  Here are some more pics of us on the train:

And Fumi trying to bite my neck:

Namba was still pretty normal when we got there but I had a feeling that would change as the night progressed.  Surprisingly enough, Judith was getting a lot of attention from the natives compared to most of us.  We even ran into some catgirls and they took a picture together, which was cute:

Our destination was Shakey’s an Italian/pizza place where you can have a nomihodai (all you can drink) for an hour.  We also got quite a bit of attention at the restaurant.  A group of high schoolers kept looking at us and they finally managed the courage to ask us for a picture together.  Why not?:

After that, the girls sitting across from us asked for a picture of us as well.  I noticed they were in some sort of costume as well—they had camouflaged  shirts, a red skirt and a hat.  I was wondering what the hell they were so I asked.  Their answer? “Terrorists.”  I laughed because only in Japan would beautify terrorists.  They even had a couple of toy guns on them.  I took a picture of them with Fumi, who loved rocking the fangs:

After that, we left Shakey’s and the group decided to go to Kama Sutra, a bar that was doing something Halloween-related.  At this point, I decided to separate from the gang because I wanted to check out the JET party at L&L, a restaurant/bar in Amemura.  When I got there, it was extremely packed, even on the streets.  You couldn’t walk at all inside, let alone order a drink.  I talked to a few friends over there but for some reason, I wasn’t feeling the venue.  I really hate it when I have to scream to just talk to someone due to the amount of noise surrounding me.  I hung there for only 20 minutes or so and I decided to check out Triangle Park because people kept telling me it was filled with a lot of people in costumes.  They were not mistaken.  The bar was a joke compared to the amount of people at the park.  I was impressed at the unique costumes people were wearing.  I decided  to take some pictures of the craziness:

After taking some pictures, I had come to the moment of truth: do I stay In Namba all night or had back home on the last train?  I was expecting to stay out all night because I figured it would be a lot of fun but for some reason, I wasn’t really feeling it.  If you aren’t feeling it before the last train leaves then that usually means you should probably go home.  I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed with the JET party, but only because I don’t like places that are jam packed and noisy.  I should’ve expected that on Halloween.  I had a lot more fun hanging with the Izumi crew so the night was still fun.  I ran into Tracy and Fumi on the way home; apparently they got separated halfway through.  I wonder what the rest of the group did?

Overall, it was a fun Halloween!  Maybe next year I’ll brave through the late night but for now, this was just fine.


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