Love letter.

So as predicted, blogging has taken a hit because of NaNoWriMo.  At the same time, not much has been going on in life.  So for now, I will share some random , short school stories!

One day I was in charge of teaching 3rd graders at my Tuesday elementary school.  This is a bit uncommon because I’m usually teaching 5th graders.  Anyways, the first time around was a bit difficult because some of the classrooms were kinda bratty. I was caught by surprise so I was a bit worn out.  In one of the noisy classes, a little girl walked up to me and asked me if I had someone I liked.  This is a pretty common question; I usually answer honestly and if they want more intimate details, I stop them.  Anyways, I tell her no and then she runs off.  Once class was over, she runs up to me again and gives me a tiny piece of paper.  Confused at what it was, I began to open it when she started freaking out and told me that I absolutely could not read it right now!  I looked at her and she said “Read it in the office.”  At this moment, I pretty much knew what it was.  Still, I played along and promised I wouldn’t read it until then.

When I got to the staff room, I opened the note.  As predicted, it was a “love” letter.  Here is what it looks like:

It says Watashi no koto ga suki desu ka? which translates to “Do you like me?” It was very cute and it cheered me up.  I keep it in my wallet to this day. Sadly I don’t remember which girl it was (I have lots of classes) but maybe that’ s a good thing… I don’t want to break her heart, haha.


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