Mid-year Seminar

It’s the holidays!  I’m over in the United States right now but when I have some downtime, I’m going keep writing about what’s been going on with me recently.  It might seem a bit outdated now but I don’t care.  Anyways.

Every year around early December, our prefecture has a JET mid-year seminar.  It’s similar to Tokyo Orientation in which we take a bunch of workshops about various things ranging from finding fun games to play in the classroom to managing your money.   It goes for two days.  The mid-year seminar has been known in the past to be just as bad as Tokyo Orientation In terms of things you actually learned from it.  Before there was no workshops about elementary schools and since Izumi JETs (which I’m a part of) mainly teach those schools, the whole thing would be a complete waste of time.

I could see hints of that this year but at least they had some useful information.  There was a workshop dedicated to elementary schools which I found to be really informative.  The other workshops…not so much.  Most of them were geared towards high schools and advanced junior high schools.  When the speakers would mention about doing a complex activity I would be thinking to myself “There’s no way my kids could do this.”.  One workshop was about technology.  The lady asked if any of us had wi-fi in our schools, it was hard not to laugh.  I’ll be honest, I probably spent most of my time doodling on my notebook or playing with my phone.  Mostly everyone did.  If I was teaching in high schools and advanced junior highs schools, the workshops would’ve been really useful but since I only teach at elementary and an average junior high school, most of it was useless to me.  However, since the mid-year seminar requires all Osaka JETs to participate, I got to see all of my friends in one spot.  We ate lunch together and fooled around during class—it reminded me of high school in some bizarre way.

After the final day of the seminar, the Izumi JETs had an enkai with our boss, Mr. Ohashi.  We had a lot of fun and eat/drank a ton.  Now that we’re all settled in, seeing Mr. Ohashi is pretty rare so it’s always nice to be able to chat with him.  He really is the best boss.  Here are some pics of that fun night:


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