Moriguchi International Festival

It’s 2012 and I’m still talking about 2011.  Not only did blogging take a hit in November, but due to holiday vacations, I didn’t blog too much in December either.  Anyways, this should be the last entry about November.  On my birthday, I was invited by Paul to go to his city’s international festival.  He and Kris were going to perform a set of classic rock songs with their guitars.  I’ve been invited many times to Moriguchi by Paul because we have been trying to visit each other’s hometowns but since he lives so far away, it’s really difficult to go on a weekday.  It doesn’t help that it costs like 800 yen one way. Since I was free (my birthday party was the night before), I decided to finally accept his invitation.  Moriguchi is a nice town and pretty urban—you can definitely stick around and find things to do as opposed to going to Namba or something.  A lot of my friends live in Moriguchi so it was finally nice to see them in a place other than Namba.

The performance itself was really good.  I felt bad for the two because it was really nice and sunny in the morning but it became windy and dark by the time they went up stage.  Despite the cold winds and slight rain, they performed really well.  They sang songs from The Beatles, David Bowie, etc.  They even dedicated a song to me because it was my birthday that day.  I recorded a couple of their songs:

After they were done, they were interviewed by a lady for a few minutes.  It was a bit awkward but funny.  Kris got stopped a couple of time by junior high girls to get a photograph with them.  Afterward we grabbed some coffee and chatted for a bit and I headed back home.  I’d like to visit my friend’s hometowns as well as show them around mine because going to Namba all the time can get repetitive.  It’s nice to explore other cities once in awhile.


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