Christmas Lessons

Before I went on winter break, I had to plan a few Christmas lessons for my schools.  For the most part, I don’t lesson plan much because most of my elementary schools do it for me (for better or for worse).  However, Christmas was different.  I had to plan everything.  I was okay with this for the most part as I really wanted to try out making a holiday lesson.  I didn’t really do anything fancy; my plan was to teach my students how to make a paper snowflake and create a Christmas card.  Before that, I would talk about Christmas in the U.S.   For those who aren’t too familiar with Japanese culture, Christmas here is usually a romantic thing for adults and kids sometimes get presents (but not many).  They also like to eat cakes and chicken from KFC (yeah, I know).  It was fun to see my students react when I tell them KFC is not a popular thing to do nor do we eat delicious cakes.

Overall it went pretty well although my presentation went too long insome of my schools.  After cutting it down a lot, we managed to finish making the cards in my junior high.  My JTEs played 80s Christmas music while we made them…it was actually pretty festive!  It’s really interesting to see how every kid manages to make a different snowflake…the variety was pretty huge.  After we finished making them, we hung them up on the walls for everyone to see.  I think it was a nice way to end the 2nd semester:

I also had a Christmas party at my Wednesday school.  I was teaching 1st and 2nd graders that day and the teachers decided to have a combined lesson.  We basically did a whole review of what we had learned that semester while I was wearing a Santa hat.  The room we were in was pretty decked out though:

We did a gift exchange in the end.  I ended up getting a nice handmade card (the one on the left). When I was back in the staff room, a couple of kids gave me another card as well (the right one). It’s really cute:

The left one says “Today’s Christmas party was fun, wasn’t it?  Let’s have another one again, okay?” while the right one says “Diego-sensei, thanks for teaching us English!”  It’s days like these that I love my job.


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