Today (Monday) I managed to sneak into 5-1 for lunch.  As soon as I stepped in, Fashionista waved me down to sit with her.  I like sitting with her little group because they actually talk to me both in English and Japanese while most kids are super quiet and then tell you “You’re really quiet, you know that?”  Anyways, she eventually pulls out her sketchbook for some reason.  I was unaware that she drew and I was very impressed at how good she was drawing manga characters.  I saw a little stick figure with HRT’s name next to it and laughed.  The HRT noticed it too and said “Say, if you drew me, then you might as well draw Diego-sensei too.”  She snapped her fingers and before I knew it, she was drawing me.  The other boy next to me kept saying “Wow!  Diego, ikemen! (handsome man)!”   When she finished it, she tore it off her book and gave it to me.  Before I could store it away, she snapped her fingers again and asked for it again.

“I forgot to write your name!”

“You know how to spell it, right?”

“Yep! Dieeegooo”

“No, just Diego.”

“Dieeegooo”  And that’s how she wrote it down as:


I always wanted one of my kids to draw me just to see what they would come up with and now I know.  I just lack some bubbles or sparkles around me, haha.  It’s an awesome drawing though and I like Fashionista even more now.

The rest of the day was really nice.  99% of the staff left work early to attend classes at other schools. I was left with one of the office workers, who I rarely get to talk to.  He’s really cool because he speaks some English and is a fan of football.  We discussed at length about the Super Bowl, football in general, Japan’s absurdly hot summer, Minnesota and the Kobe Earthquake. We probably talked for an hour, which was awesome.  He let me leave a bit early, which was really nice of him.  Overall, it was a very fun start to my week, which is saying a lot for my Monday school.


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