Disney Sea

Not too long after I went on my trip to Okayama, I got an invite to go to Tokyo Disney Sea by Jon.  This time it was him, Koko and David that were going to go and were looking for more people.  Out of all the people that were invited, I was the only one who accepted.  Once again I was the rookie out of the group, but like in Okayama, I felt it was a good opportunity to know the experienced JETs some more before they leave in July.

Tokyo Disney Sea is right next to Tokyo Disneyland.  The difference is that Disney Sea is a lot newer out of the two and is geared more towards adults.  A lot of the rides are new rather than being a copy of the Disneyland in the United States.  Also, like the name would hint, there is a sea theme for a nice chunk of the park.  I personally didn’t really care for Disneyworld/Disneyland when I was a kid but I always wanted to check it out just to see what it was like.

Rather than taking the Shinkansen train to Tokyo, we took the cheaper route and got on an overnight bus.  The bus itself was a bit uncomfortable but I took some sleeping pills, which knocked me right out.  When I woke up, we were already arriving to the theme park.  As it is winter, we were welcomed by cold winds and some rain.  We had to take a shuttle train to get to Disney Sea, the handle bars had a nice touch to them:

Despite the terrible weather, there was still a big line to get inside.  However, I heard it usually is a lot worse when it’s nice out—lines can range up to 3 hours to get on some rides.  The longest wait I saw that day was about an hour without a Fastpass.

Disney Sea itself looks pretty cool.  I can see Disney fans and kids getting excited over the architecture.  The place is separated by different theme areas—one place is like Agrabah, the other is under the sea, etc.  The first thing my friends wanted to do was ride the Tower of Terror:

This was something I knew I was not going to do.  Being dropped with no indication?  Hell no.  They all got a Fastpass for it and we rode on a few rides until it was time for them to get on.  While I waited for them, I noticed they showed up on the Tower of Terror pictures.  Everyone looked like they were having a blast except Jon.  When they came back, Jon looked broken—he said he felt despair in that ride.   It was funny to see him freaking out for once because he is usually level-headed.

One thing I was looking forward to that I didn’t do was ride the Indiana Jones ride.  Just hearing about it sounded badass but when we got there, it was closed.  Ugh, what a waste!  The “ruins” around there were pretty cool though:


Jon being weird:

One thing that has been implanted in my mind was the song, “Compass of Your Heart” on the Sinbad storybook ride.  Basically, think of “It’s a Small World” with the characters from Sinbad and you know the ride.  The puppets’ movements were actually really good and since the ride was inside, it was a good way to warm up.  That song though…it’s so damn catchy!:

The Little Mermaid section was kinda cool because everything was underwater/inside.  They did a really good job portraying the environment:



One interesting thing about Disney Sea was the amount of flavored popcorn it had.  Each area had different flavored popcorn ranging from from chocolate, strawberry, curry, raspberry, etc.  Each one of us bought flavor to share with each other.

The pinnacle of the evening for me was the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride:

This was my “roller coaster” ride for me.  While not a traditional rollercoaster, you did go at high speeds and there were drops.  It looked like a cool ride so just like in Okayama, I decided to brave it up.  Waiting in line only made me feel worse and worse.  Finally, it was time to get on.  The beginning of the ride wasn’t too bad; you’re going deeper and deeper underground, seeing a bunch of crystals and creatures.  There was a slight drop, but it wasn’t too bad.

Finally, we slowed down, only to see this huge monster appear out of nowhere.  Suddenly, our cart just bolted upward, and I started to freak out.  Moving in the dark and not knowing where you’re going at a high speed is not exactly fun for me!  Before I knew it, we were climbing and climbing at an alarming rate, only to finally reach the end of the tunnel—to a high drop!  My stomach felt numb as I saw the entire park before we flew back down in the caverns.  I didn’t even scream—I was dead silent with my mouth open wide.  After the drop, we were jerked a few times to the right and left in the dark until the ride finally ended.  It was super short but it was just enough for me.  I had fun on it but I just cannot get over the feeling of a lot of G force pulling your body down.  I feel like I’m about to die!  I was proud to survive the ride though.  To the average rider, this ride is probably a pushover but for me, it was quite the task!

We went on a few minor rides after that and ate some dinner.  Before we knew it, the day was over and we had basically explored every single inch of the park.  The rain started to get a lot worse but we had one more thing to watch—the boat show by the entrance!  I wasn’t really expecting anything out of it but damn, it was pretty fucking badass.  Watching Fantasia Mickey dance on a hill while a ship shot out flames in six different directions was fucking awesome.  It was windy as hell at this point but none of us cared—we watched the entire show.  I took a video of it but the quality is pretty bad because I couldn’t get a good view and the rain/wind was hitting us hard; I decided not to upload it.  I found a video of it uploaded by someone else though!  It features the best part: FLAME BREATHING DRAGON!

Afterward, we headed back toward the exit and left to Osaka on another overnight bus.  I got back home on Sunday at around 10 AM which was awesome because I still had time to relax.  Disney Sea was fun despite the weather…but I don’t think I’ll be back for a long time.  We did just about everything; I fought my fears and saw the cool night show.  There’s no point for me to go back (besides the Indiana Jones ride), but I’m glad I did go because I got to know Koko, Jon and David more.  It’s funny though because once again, I was in the Tokyo area and did not even check out Tokyo.  One day I will actually go to Tokyo to explore the capital.  But for now….I need some rest.

I leave you with a picture of Jon flipping off Rajah.  Rajah was a dick anyways.


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