Bachelor Party!

Recently, we had a bachelor party for Fumi.  I haven’t mentioned Fumi in awhile; he’s Tracy’s boyfriend and now fiancée.  He proposed over winter break and now he and Tracy are headed back to the U.S. in the summer.  Tracy decided to get married on Leap Day so we quickly had to plan a bachelor party for Fumi.  We didn’t do anything wild as we were told not to go to any strip clubs or racy places.

Our plan was fairly simple:  we would first stop at a Mexican restaurant Andrew knew about in Namba.  Afterward, I wanted to check out the Space Station bar.  Space Station is a place where the owner has various old school game consoles scattered around the bar and patrons can play the games for free.   I had been meaning to go to this place for awhile and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity.   Next up we would head back to our part of town and check out this bar that let you sing songs in front of everyone.  Simple, yet eventful.

Ola, the Mexican restaurant served delicious, authentic Mexican food.  First we had the obligatory margarita:

Afterward, we each ordered our own tacos and bought quesadilla as a group.  They were so damn good that we downed our food fairly fast.  After chit chatting for a bit, we left and headed towards Space Station, located in Amemura.  The bar wasn’t opened yet so we ate at a takoyaki restaurant until it did.  Takoyaki is basically a baked ball with scrapped octopus and other things inside.  They’re a Osakan delicacy and yet I haven’t eaten many of them.   The ones we ate had cheese filling and were delicious. They’re more of an appetizer than anything else and are usually pretty cheap.  I think the reason I don’t eat takoyaki that much is because It’s widely available in any part of Osaka—takoyaki stands are a dime a dozen.  When I tend to eat out, I try to get things that are harder to find.

Full of takoyaki and beer, we headed into Space Station.  Space Station ended up being everything I wanted it to be.  The place had tons of consoles, including their Japanese counterparts:  Famicom, NES, Super Famicom, SNES, Atari, Genesis, Dreamcast, N64, etc.  The owner had various accessories too like the SNES Multitap, and even the Dreamcast keyboard to play Typing of the Dead!  We played a lot of games from Super Bomberman to Super Street Fighter II.  Usually you have to pay extra to play this kind of stuff in specialty bars but all of this was free.  How awesome is that?:

Fumi, lost in thought or just drunk:

The bar also had specially named shots, relating to video games.  Seeing Hadoken on the list, I knew I had to pick that one.  I forget what is in the Hadoken shot but it’s blue, like the fireball.  The owner served us the shots and then each gave us a straw, confusing us:

“Umm, why do we get straws?”

“Oh, that’s because I’m going to light this suckers on fire.”



The owner than proceeded to light each shot.  True to its name, it was now a blue fireball; we had to sip the shot as fast as we could or risk burning our mouth.  I couldn’t down mine fast enough and I felt a burning sensation in my mouth.  I survived though and finished the shot.  Fumi got the owner to take a picture of us:

Andrew then mentioned he saw the infamous table flipping game in an arcade in Namba.  We then proceeded to head over there to see if he was telling the truth.  Like he said, there was indeed a table flipping game in Taito Station; I was very happy to hear that my recent discovery in Okayama was now available to play in the city.  We all played a round and then played a tournament to see who could flip the table the furthest.  Here are some pictures:



Afterward, we headed back to Komyoike, a station just one up from ours to walk to the karaoke bar.  Sadly, the place was completely packed and we had no choice but to turn around.  Unfortunately, we missed the last train and had to take a cab to our station.  We decided to just visit this local bar where they had a darts game.  We all played for awhile; it was my first time playing the game.  I managed to win once!:

After that, it was time to head back.  Since the cab dropped us off at the bar, we had to walk around 20 minutes to our apartment.  By the time I got home it was around 2:30 AM.  It was a long ass day but really fun.  I don’t see Fumi that often so it was nice to hang out with him and the rest of the guys.


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