English Projects: Part 2

Similar to my Wednesday school, my Friday school has also been working on a English project.  My 5th graders made their own version of the storybook “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”  First we chanted and memorized the book’s contents and then a group of kids would pick a theme, draw their own picture and then finally chant it in front of the class.  This entire project lasted the entire semester. It was interesting to see what themes kids came up with.  Some kids picked animals while others picked things like sports or school supplies.  5-4 decided to do monsters.  I have a feeling because they’re not the greatest students, they decided to go with something more sinister.  It’s crazy how detailed they were with their drawings; I’d be seeing lizards decapitating people, bloody zombies and even a poltergeist.  I managed to sneak a few pictures of kids drawing their stuff:


Finally, it was time to perform in front of the class.  Some kids performed flawlessly while others kinda stumbled a bit. The most memorable performance was Shin’s group, who was in charge of “dark” animals. Shin, being a class clown, was rehearsing perfectly but liked to end it with a 1920s-like stage entrance while singing “That’s what we see!  That’s what we see!”  Of course, he had to do this during the real thing.  The teacher and I couldn’t help but laugh.  He definitely raised morale for the group; everyone was quietly saying their animal until Shin literally screamed his line, as if it were some battle cry.  Hey, as long as he’s using English, I’m fine with it:

After the performance was done, she took a picture with me and all the kids with her camera.  She was the only teacher that had me interact with the kids that way in that school.  I guess I was closer to them than I originally thought, which is pretty cool.

After every class did their presentation, I was done with classes until April.  However, I still had to come in every day and basically do nothing.  As I was leaving the school last Friday, my vice principal stopped me:

“Diego, you’re done with classes, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Hmm….well next Friday is the graduation ceremony and you can come but….”


“…you won’t have anything to do next week, right?”

“Seems that way.”

“Well, you can just take the day off until next semester.”

“…uh, thanks!”

The Japanese love to elongate a statement just so it doesn’t look blunt but I didn’t care!  This means I’ll be getting three day weekends until April!  And that means I can go to my Wednesday’s school graduation ceremony, which takes place on a Friday.  With this action, the vice principal has gained immense respect from me.  I wonder if he likes me because he didn’t offer the same deal to Judith, who also works at that school on Tuesdays and is done with classes.  Oh well, I won’t question it!


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