I don’t know when I got into running.  I did notice when I was a kid, I didn’t mind running the mile in junior high or running laps during soccer practice.  It was a pain to do it but I always felt accomplished in doing it.  I also loved the feeling of completing a long run; you feel tired but great at the same time.  I suppose that’s what the runner’s high is.  I started to run for fun a year ago, with no particular goal in mind.  However, when I figured out that a 5k run was only 3.1 miles, I figured I could run it.  I was running around 2 miles in the U.S., what’s another mile?

So when I moved to Japan, I signed up at the Konami Sports Club. Sadly, there are no video games to be seen but the equipment there is pretty good.  I joined with the goal of running 5k in mind.  I started out strong but then didn’t work out for at least two months.  However, during winter, I gave it another go.  I started increasing my distance bit by bit until I finally hit the goal of 5k sometime in February.  My next goal is to consistently run 5k a few times a week and maybe increase it a little more as the time goes on.  I don’t think I’ll ever reach the goal of running a marathon but running 5k runs would be fun.

I saw WordPress was having a little 5k run event so I was happy to hop on board.  The thing I see when I hit 5k is not particularly exciting; just the treadmill’s stats :P.

This week I didn’t run as fast as I thought I could but since I hadn’t run in a couple of weeks (due to spring vacation), I wasn’t beating myself too much over it.  I’m going to start running outside now that it’s finally warm out….it’s way too hot to run inside the gym!  Even though I hadn’t ran in awhile, I’m still happy that I am able to run 5k and hope to continue to!

On a minor note, it’s been around a year since I first started this blog!  My, how time flies.  Who would’ve thought I would be in Osaka, Japan?  I have no plan on stopping anytime soon!


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