Solar Eclipse!

You might’ve heard about it, but last month we had the annular solar eclipse.  It was quite the rage in Japan since the country was going to be able to see all of it.  The only problem is that A) It was at 7:30 AM and B) I lacked the eclipse glasses.  Problem A was a problem for me because on Mondays (the day of the eclipse), I usually leave home at around 7:00 AM.  Basically I had to risk being late to school to watch the eclipse.  I was then informed by my friends that they had an extra pair of glasses and wanted to take pictures of it.  My balcony faces the sun during the day so I had first row seats to the show.  Naturally I invited them and we took a few pictures of the eclipse.

To the naked eye, I couldn’t really make much of a difference.  No, I didn’t look at it directly with my eyes; I just used my phone to block it.  Either way, all you can see is that it’s shining really brightly:

However, with the help of my friend’s glasses; I was able to take a few (shitty) pictures through the lens:

Here’s a picture of my balcony during the complete eclipse.  It was definitely darker and it felt like the sun was setting.  Quite bizarre:

Here are a few pictures my friends took of the eclipse.  How did they get it to be so awesome? I didn’t see the sun like that from my area!  Once again, they are not mine:

Finally, a picture of Josh; who was probably the happiest I have ever seen him in ages.  I didn’t know he was a fan of solar eclipses until I saw him happily preparing for his photo shoot about 30 minutes before the event place.  Here we have him happily taking pictures:

As for me, I somehow made it to school just five minutes late and no one noticing it at all.  Totally worth it.


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