Sata Andagi!

Around a month ago, my third years from my junior high went on a school trip to Okinawa.  In every junior high, the third years will go somewhere for a few days…usually to Okinawa.  As a result, when they came back, I had to make a few lesson plans surrounding their trip.  The first plan revolved around groups making a little speech about what they did in Okinawa.  This took pretty long because most of my kid’s English is either terrible or they’re lazy in general.  Kaho got the shaft because she was paired up with a group full of slackers.  I sympathized and helped her out as much as I could.  I think she respected me more because of it and now talks to me once in awhile.  I’m slowly winning over these kids!

Anyways, our next lesson revolved translating a recipe into English.  The recipe we picked was sata andagi, or Okinawan donuts.  When my JTE was talking about sata andagi, I kept hearing it in a strange voice.  I had recognized the word before, but from where?  It kept bugging me and I started saying it in the voice that I heard in my head; which comes out like a little tune.  After a bit, I realized that I had remembered it from the anime, Azumanga Daioh.  Back when I watched a lot of anime, this was one of my faves because of its odd humor:

Sata andagi!  I kept saying it like Osaka, because I loved the way she said it.  Whenever my JTE asked me to repeat it, I would say it in the same tone.  My students started repeating it the same way I did.  We kept going back and forth:

Sata aandagiii!”

“Sata aandagiii!”

Sata aaandagiiii!”

“Sata aaandagiiiii!”

“Diego’s pronunciation is really good with that word!” some kid noted. I’m sure my JTE was looking at both of us, wondering what the hell we were on.  Ever since then, if sata andagi ever comes up, we all say it in that specific tone.  😛


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