Sayonara Formal

In June, our group for Osaka JETs had a formal party to say goodbye to all the departing people.  It was all the way out in Kobe, which I found weird because the event was geared towards Osaka JETs.  Anyways, it was formal event, so I put on my best suit and headed towards the event.

The event itself was a lot of fun.  A lot of departing JETs were present so I was able to talk to them one final time before they would be heading back to their respective countries.  While most JETs don’t leave until early or late August, they would all be busy packing, saying their goodbyes to everyone else and other things.  I mostly hung out with Koko and David because I haven’t seen them much besides Tokyo Disney Sea and hanami.  As usual, David did a very good job at getting me drunk and we had plenty of silly conversations.  I’ll definitely miss his bad influence on me.

The old JETs I used to hang out with (and one final time that night):

While the drinks weren’t very strong, it was all you can drink so I had plenty of them. Things were slowly going downhill…:

Once the music started playing and people were going to the dance floor, things got kinda crazy:

As you can see, I’m definitely not sober at this point!:

There was a raffle at the end of the formal.  Koko won a really nice bottle of champagne which she was happy to share with us:

Unfortunately for her, half of it spilled when she opened it.  Oh well.  I also had my fair share of embarrassing moments when I dropped a glass during the ending speech.  I got a lot of attention and crap from people :\, but what can you do?

Heading home was definitely nerve-wracking.  Going home drunk on a train is difficult as is but try heading home from another city hours away.  And you’re dangerously close to last train times.  I honestly don’t know how I got back in time but I miraculously sobered up enough to find my way through the train stations and catch my last train.  A bad hangover welcomed me the next day.  It was totally worth it though.  Most of the departing JETs have already left the country when I wrote this (middle August).  I’ll be missing them a lot.

As some old JETs leave, new JETs have come and taken their place.  And now I’m considered to be an experienced JET.  Crazy, huh?  It’s been a year already and it doesn’t feel like that way at all.  My how time flies…


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