Summer in Japan

Well, summer vacation ended as fast as it began.  Compared to last year, I did a lot more things mostly because I didn’t have to worry about furnishing my place.  I was originally supposed to go somewhere with my friends but it didn’t go through.  Instead, I ended up staying around Osaka and visited Kumamoto in Kyushu (which will be talked about in another post).

Like back home, August is the month of festivals and fireworks displays.  While Minnesota has the State Fair, Japan has a variety of festivals that kept me busy.  The first festival I went to was the Tenjin Matsuri.  This festival was technically at the end of July but it’s apparently one of the biggest festivals in Japan.  You can see many boats in the river as fireworks go off from multiple areas.  It was really packed but fun.  At first we couldn’t see anything but when we arrived at a bridge, we were able to see fireworks from both sides, giving us the perfect spot.  Techincally we weren’t supposed to be standing on the bridge but everyone was doing it.  I felt bad for the police; they kept saying “Please move on, don’t stand on the bridge” over and over but no one listened.

Here’s a group picture of me and my friends during the festival:

The next place I went to was the Yodogawa hanabi (fireworks display).  I also went last year and this year didn’t disappoint.  It’s always a pain in the ass to get back to the station but I think it’s worth it.

Pretty fireworks!:


Nice overview shot of the event:


Other than that, I just hung around the city with my friends and got a chance to actually play video games.  I decided to play Persona 3 FES because I haven’t played an RPG in ages and I have failed to complete the game two times before.  It was quite the time sink but a great game.  I don’t think I’ll be playing an RPG for awhile though….I’m too embarrassed to say how much time I spent on it. Let’s just say the hours weren’t in the double digits…

And now school has begun once again.  However, my friend Andrew is coming to visit me again later this month!  He came last year but I managed to only see him for around a day.  This year we’ll be hanging around for about a week.  And there’s also the Tokyo Game Show that I’ll also be going to this year.  Maybe this time I can actually explore Tokyo for once.


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