What I Think About When I Think About Writing: The Mood

I like writing.  However, sometimes I have to be in a certain mood to write certain things.  It just doesn’t seem right if my mood doesn’t fit the setting.  I can’t write about happy things when I’m not happy, nor can I write about sad things when I’m not sad.  I suppose I could, but it wouldn’t come out as genuine, I think.

Naturally, this can be troublesome when I’m writing about stuff that isn’t pleasant. My latest work is about nostalgia and the yearning of the past.  As I mentioned before, I am a very nostalgic person.  Getting into that mood isn’t very difficult but the subject matter isn’t really pleasant.  Needless to say, writing my current story is a bit difficult; it requires me to be sad, lonely and isolated.  This mood does affect my everyday life, but I know it isn’t permanent.  Still, it’s hard because I know the reason I am in that mood is because I want to finish writing my story.  I want to keep that feeling so I can apply it to my writing

It works the other way too, though.  If I’m writing something exciting and fast-paced, I’ll probably be playing some upbeat music and trying to imagine the same tension and excitement that the scene requires.  Happier parts aren’t too hard to write about as I’m generally happy in life.  No matter what though, I have to be feeling the same way my characters are in order to do a good job in writing it.  I’ve tried not doing it but it’s just too difficult to find the correct words, thoughts and dialogue. I have to be in my characters’ mindset.

Sometimes, I can’t get out of the mood once I finish writing.  So right now I’m feeling a bit bummed out because of what I’m writing about. It’s only natural though; I can’t change my feelings with a flip of a switch.  Despite the difficulty of this method, I really get some excellent writing down when I’m on the same level as my story’s tone.  I express my feelings and write things I would say if I was in certain depressing situations.  I guess it’s the equivalent of some actors thinking about really sad things in order to get them to cry.  I’ll admit, sometimes I get a little teary-eyed if I’m writing about something that hits too close to home.  It might suck at first, but the results seem more authentic to me.  I produce writing that I wouldn’t normally be able to if I wasn’t sad.

I’m sure this form of writing sounds a bit of a pain to some, but I like it.  I remember writing about something in the past that was painful and when someone read it, they told me they could feel the tension and helplessness that the scene portrayed.  It made me happy to hear that because that meant that the reader could feel the same exact feelings I felt as I was writing it, as well as being able to relate to the character’s emotions.

I suppose what I’m currently working on is one of the more difficult things to write about because it’s about some of my lower points in life.  That’s on purpose though, I want to talk about it through prose, it’s one of the ways I can express myself.  Talking to someone works too, but it just isn’t the same.  I suppose one might call it a healing piece.  It can be a bit difficult to write sometimes as I’m not usually happy when I’m writing it but I’m liking the results of it.  I’m almost done with it, which is only urging me to continue to work on it every day.  Maybe after this, I’ll find something more happier to write about so my mood won’t be too bad, haha.


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