Back to the Grind

I didn’t really write anything in September due to school.  Overall, my schools have remained unchanged although there are a few things that are noticeably different…

The biggest change is that I no longer have my Monday school.  Instead, I will be going to my Friday school twice a week.  Mondays will involve me teaching grades 1-4 (who I’ll be teaching depends on the date) while Fridays remain the same with me teaching the 6th graders.  This basically happened because we got 3 new ALTs but still have the same amount of schools.  Since all of us were already able to teach most of the schools, they had to add teaching 1-4th graders into the curriculum, which is fine by me.  Grades 1-4 are usually a cinch to teach and the kids are usually better than the older kids.  This isn’t always the case though…

Anyways, I’m a bit sad that I lost my Monday school.  Sure, I had my differences with them in the past, but it was just starting to get good!  I guess I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone.  It also worries me because we were told nothing was going to change in terms of our schedule and it did.  I guess I can’t rely on my superior’s words the entire time.

The other big change revolves around my Friday school.  For some reason, it’s been decided that the home room teachers will be taking charge of English class and I’ll be providing support.  It usually works the other way around.  I’m honestly really happy about this because my Friday school was the school where I would be forced to come up with last minute lessons because no one told me I that had to make one until 5 minutes before class.  The teachers there also just sat in their desk and corrected papers while I had to do everything. Now, this change forces them to participate and while I am only there to help them out, I’m not just simply pronouncing words and standing there, doing nothing like with Subarashii’s classes.  The kids were a little saddened at the change though; they’d be saying things like “What? Why?? You should let Diego teach!” or “But I liked Diego’s classes!  They were fun.”  Hearing things like that almost makes the last minute planning worth it.  I’m on my own on Mondays though, but I’m okay with that.  Teaching younger kids is usually a lot easier so it doesn’t faze me.  Uchida-sensei seems to be worried about me though. Since I’m there twice a week now, I think I’m getting closer to the staff.  Last week involved me setting up for the undoukai (Sports Day) since I didn’t have any classes.  I had to create a bulletin board with other teachers; needless to say, I was pretty surprised being asked to do school related stuff.  Here’s the final piece of work!:

The final change would involve my Tuesday school.  I no longer teach 3rd graders every other week, I now teach with Subarashii every time I’m there.  I wouldn’t mind that much but now Subarashii wants me to come up with an activity every week during her class.  At first, one might think this is good because that means we are both collaborating in creating a lesson as opposed to it being just her.  However, she’s the pickiest teacher in the planet so this is actually really, really bad.  The first week had me spend the entire day at school throwing ideas at her, all which she shot down.  “We need a game where kids can play in groups or pairs….but not really competitive or people might feel bad…something that can be simple…but not too simple or else kids might get bored….but if it’s too difficult, kids might get frustrated and feel dumb…”  was what I got from her last time.  Fulfilling her requirements takes too way too much work, I’d rather just have her do everything if “team-teaching” with her is like this.  On the bright side, I get to see my 5th graders a lot more.  I think they’re finally getting used to me and I’m getting to know some of their names and personalities.  It’s still really hard to make friendships with them when all you’re being used is to pronounce things.

Aside from that, things are basically the same!  My Wednesday school remains awesome as well as my junior high.  I’m not sure why, but the 3rd years are getting even closer with me.  Overall, they’re pretty awful in English but they’re fun kids, even if some of them are jerks to me.  Meeky and I talk to each other more now since I coached her for the English speech contest this year.  We now have silly conversations like this:

“Hey Diego, what are we doing in class this week?”

“Oh it’s really fun, trust me. (Lie)”

“Really?  Does it involve this worksheet?”


“This doesn’t look fun Diego.  This looks like everyday boring class stuff.”

“No way, it’s great!”

“You’re lying!”

“No waaaay!”

“Yes waaay!”

As much as they suck sometimes, I’ll miss them when they graduate.  Summer vacation was fun, but I’m kinda happy that I’m back in school.  Weird, huh?


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