Summer storms!

Life has been insanely busy the past two months and it’s just finally starting to slow down.  Unfortunately this blog took a hit.  However, I have still been writing…I just haven’t had the chance to upload everything!  Anyways, it’s time to play catch up.

Last summer we had a decent amount of big rain storms.  I took three videos during them:

In the middle of August, this huge storm passed by my apartment.  It wasn’t even a typhoon but I hadn’t seen anything that strong (even when typhoons passed by) ever.  I highly suggest you lower your volume if you watch this video; some thunder goes off and it’s REALLY loud.:

Near the end of August we had another big rainstorm.  During the middle of it though, a lovely giant rainbow showed up in front of my balcony! Note: I couldn’t directly embed this video because it kept linking to the next video (I have no idea why), so here’s a direct link instead:


Finally, a typhoon passed by in September and it actually felt like one:


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