Tokyo ’12 Part I: Tokyo Game Show

Near the end of September I went to Tokyo to meet up with my friend Andrew and a few others.  Andrew came to Japan last year as well but this year he wanted to check out Tokyo Game Show.  I have been there last year as well  and I had enough fun that I would want to go again. However, this year I decided not to go as early as possible.  After dealing with the crazy line just to get in as well as the torrential downpour that occurred while I was in line, I didn’t really see the benefit of doing it.  Sure, you were able to play more games but probably only two more, tops.  By the time you finish playing a demo of the second game, the lines have already gotten long.

So, this year I decided to go around the afternoon.  I was able to walk right in with no wait, which was great!:

There wasn’t anything specific that I wanted to see this year.  Still, it was cool to see all the latest games on the floor and seeing exclusive previews to it.  Here are a few pictures of the booths:


I did want to check out Ace Attorney 5 but with my mediocre Japanese, I wouldn’t be able to decipher what the game was about.  Here’s a booth of that!:


There were pretty cool statues of Kenshiro and Solid Snake throughout the halls.  I love the little girl’s reaction to Snake:

It wouldn’t be a game show if there weren’t weird ass games.  This one played like Elite Beat Agents but you made a woman’s legs move.  Creepy….:

The highlight of the day was going to the merchandise booths.  When I went there, I headed GameCenter CX’s.  To my surprise, I saw a lot of the staff members from the show selling stuff personally!  I saw the current’s seasons AD Takahashi (assistant director who helps Arino finish his games) and another AD!  I took a picture of them:

The second it was done, Tanii came out of nowhere and shoved them!  Tanii is known for being a jerk/creep on the show so I’m glad he was still in character.  I wish I could have seen the star of the show himself, Shinya Arino, but I was happy enough just to see the people who were behind this awesome show.

I think next time I go, I want to rush to the merchandise booths.  There were a lot of awesome things there but if you don’t go right away, you’ll be standing in line for hours just to get inside of the store.  Luckily, Game Center CX’s store is not as popular so I was able to grab a few things for myself!  TGS is fun, but I don’t think I could go by myself.  I’ll end this post with some random pictures from the show!:



Dynasty Warriors cosplay!:



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