Halloween ’12

Compared to last year, Halloween was a lot more fun in Osaka this time around.  I think it’s mainly because I feel less of a newbie and am more comfortable around more people as opposed to last year.

My costume this year was Jigen from Lupin the 3rd.  If you don’t know him, he’s a character from an old, famous anime; he’s a sharpshooter and likes revolvers.  He’s mainly recognizable for his long, curly beard and his fedora.  Unsurprisingly, the beard was the hardest thing for this costume.  I had to find a fake beard and use eyelash glue to attach it to my chin.   The glue I got was from 100 yen store, so I basically had to reapply it every few hours.  Lesson learned:  don’t’ buy cheap eyelash glue.

The beard itself looked kinda gross at first but after my friend Dawn was done touching it up, it turned into an amazing, curly beard.  The rest of the costume was fairly simple to do:  just wear a black suit, blue dress shirt, white tie and a fedora.  The fedora was a bit pricey but it’s a pretty awesome hat, so I didn’t mind the purchase.  Oh yeah, can’t forget the (toy) revolver!  The outcome was pretty awesome:


Even -I- felt like a badass.


This year I had to help organize a Halloween party.  My initial part was to help a friend collect pizzas from Costco.  Yes, Japan has a Costco and everyone is there on the weekends.  It was my first trip there and I was sad that it wasn’t closer to my house—there are a lot of comfort foods from back home that one can’t get anywhere else here.  Plus the lunch they serve here is super cheap!  Anyways, because we were going straight to the party after the pizza pickup, I had to be already dressed in my costume when I went.  The train ride was…a little awkward.  If you’re with friends, riding on the train with a costume isn’t hard at all but when you’re by yourself, you feel really self-aware.  Going to Costco was a lot better because I was with someone but still, I would have never imagined dressing up as Jigen while shopping at a Japanese Costco.  Life is interesting.

After the pizza pickup, the party was on its way.  At first it was rather dead but it exploded within an hour.  It got to the point where one couldn’t move at all and the heat was unbearable.  I ended up hanging outside of the club for the majority of the time and talking with my friends who were selling tickets.  Here’s a picture of them being silly:


Eventually, it was my shift to sell tickets.  We had a huge turnout and we were busy the entire hour.  After that, I decided to take my leave from the club and head to Triangle Park; where the real party is at.  As expected, it was packed with people in costumes:



I ran into a lot of friends and chatted with them until I had to catch last train.  I also took a few pictures:



Probably my favorite picture of me that evening.


I decided to stop by at my local bar and hang out with my friends and the regulars who were dressed up in their own costumes.  It was a lot of fun:




When we went home, Andrew (as Naked Snake) and I decided to take a few action shots of a Jigen vs. Snake battle.  The quality isn’t great but I still love these pictures:




My favorite part of the evening was being stopped by Japanese people left and right.  Most foreigners didn’t get my costume at all; they thought I was either a Jewish mobster or Abe Lincoln.  However, the Japanese instantly recognized who I was.  I would just be walking down the streets and I would hear random people say “Oh, it’s Jigen!  Hey Jigen!”, hum the Lupin theme song (link), or ask to take a picture with them.  I felt like a celebrity for a bit.  This not only happened in the city, but near my area as well!  I guess I can see why people like to cosplay.  I definitely had more fun this year than last; I think my costume had a lot to do with it.  I think I’m going to just stick to hanging around to Triangle Park next year…while clubs are fun, they always end up being way too packed for my tastes.

The end of a great night.

The end of a great night.


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