Sunday comes again!

Do you know the “Days of the Week” song?  I’m sure you’ve heard it at some point in your school days.  In any case, it goes like this:

Sunday Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday comes again!

It’s a pretty popular song to use when you’re teaching days of the week over here.  One day, I was teaching it to my third graders at my Wednesday school.   They had the whole song down except for the “comes again” part.  After a little practice, we tried it again.

Me: Okay guys, ready!

Everyone: Yep!

Me: Okay, here goes!

Everyone: Sunday Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday KANSAI-BEN!

Kansai-ben means Kansai dialect, aka the dialect people in Osaka use.  It was too cute so I let it slide.

This song came up again while I was teaching my 3rd years in junior high school.  As usual, they were slacking off and not paying attention to class.  JoKo began humming the “Days of the Week” song to himself, as if recollecting a fond memory.

Misa:  Hey, I know that song!  What is it?

JoKo:  Oh it goes something like this:  Sunday Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday…er…

Me:  You’re totally off.  At least try to pretend you’re paying attention!

Misa:  You know it Diego?!

Me: Of course I do.  Why are you singing that anyways?

JoKo: (in English) Diego, Diego!  Please, song please!  Sing! Sing!

Diego:  Shh! Later! Later!

My JTE was giving me the “don’t enable them” look so I had to pay attention with them.  Unfortunately JoKo and Misa sit right in front of the blackboard so every few seconds JoKo would try to sing the song and Misa would plead for me to sing it.  It wouldn’t stop and JoKo’s butchering of the song was starting to annoy me.  Finally, there was a gap in time where the JTE wasn’t looking at me.

Me: Okay, here it is!  Sunday Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!  Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday comes again!


The moment of realization was somewhat cute but I still had to facepalm at them because the two sang it heartily during class as if they had learned it for the first time.  My JTE even exclaimed “Why are you guys so happy that you know that song? That’s elementary school level stuff!”  The pair ignored them and continued to happily sing it over and over.  These are my 14 year old 3rd years.

I taught my second half of the 3rd years next period.  I was hearing some of them hum the song.  Even today when we were making Christmas cards they were singing it.  I swear, there is never a dull moment in this junior high school.


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