Even More 3rd Years Stories

My 3rd years are one of the worst classes to teach but at least they’re very memorable.  There are at least two laugh out loud moments whenever I teach them.

Then other day I was in the classroom, waiting for class to begin.  Some of the 3rd years came in and pretended to carry guns.  Kazuma said “Hey you!  Hands up!”

Me: Okay, okay! Don’t shoot!  *puts hands up*

Kazuma:  Okay!  Give me your money!

Me: I have no money!

Kazuma: Liar! *shoots*

Me: *pretends to get shot* Ahhh!

Out of nowhere, Taku runs into the classroom and yells “POLICE! POLICE!” and starts chasing the 3rd years.  A shootout ensues.  This is fairly normal, oddly enough.

Finally, the bell rings.  Miss Kitada, the JTE in charge of the 3rd years, hadn’t arrived yet.  I can’t start the class without her so I was just talking to some of my students in the back.  Suddenly, Taku came to the front of the classroom and pretended to be a teacher.  “Okay everyone, stand up!” he yelled.  Since I was bored, I went with it and went to his empty seat.

“Good afternoon everyone!”

“Good afternoon Mr. Taku!” everyone yelled.  This was probably the only time that I was ever going to hear my 3rd year students heartily give greetings.

“Today, months!” he crudely said.  “Repeat after me!  January!”




This went on until we recited everything. Taku demanded we sit down and started doing some random English lesson.

Kazuya, who was sitting two rows to my left, started talking to me while Taku was lecturing. “Hey Diego!  Can you let me borrow that PSP game you bought yesterday?” he asked.

I played along, “Oh sure Kazu!  But I want to beat it first!”

“Whaaat?  That’ll take too long!”

I started laughing because this is exactly how class would be like if I was teaching.  The fact that the roles have reversed was just too funny.  Suddenly, the other JTE came in while I was in the student’s desk.  Everyone got super quiet and she looked at me.

“Uhhh..” was the only thing that I managed to say.  Apparently Miss Kitada was busy taking a call so we had to start class a bit late. It was a little embarrassing to be caught playing around with them but it was worth it.   The funniest part was we had a pop quiz over the months of the year and some people couldn’t remember them.  I guess Taku’s brief lesson didn’t help…

Next class.  I come in and I see Kouki fooling around with the blackboard.  He says “Ah, Diego.”  And starts drawing a crude drawing of me.  “This is you.”

Playing along, I decide to draw Kouki as a stick figure with X’s as his eyes.  Laughter ensues.

Kouki gets annoyed. “Oh yeah?? Watch this!” He draws a picture of me except this time I’m a duck and he writes “Stupid Diego” next to the crude drawing.  He then points at me and laughs.

“Oh, I see how it is.”  I begin to draw a cat with Kouki’s hairstyle and before I even finish, he’s yelling to me “Hey, stop stop!  That’s disgusting!” Ignoring him, I write “Weird, crazy Kouki” next to the cat.  Finally the bell rings and Miss Kitada runs in.  Having no time to erase the blackboard, I just let the doodles sit there, figuring that she would see it immediately and start class.

Except she didn’t.  It wasn’t until halfway through the class until she finally saw all the doodles of Kouki and I.  She looks at Kouki and says  “Kouki!  That’s very rude for you to draw pictures of Diego!”  I found it hilarious that she knew without even asking who was the culprit.

“Hey! I’m not the only who was doing it! Diego was doing it too!” Kouki countered.

Miss Kitada looked at me with a serious look “Diego! Were you drawing these too?”  The room fell silent.

“Nope.” I bluntly said.  The entire room burst into laughter as Miss Kitada continued to scold Kouki.  No matter how many times Kouki said “He’s lying, he’s lying!”, she would not believe him.  It was hilarious because you could clearly tell my handwriting was next to Kouki’s doodles.  Diego: 1, Kouki: 0.  For the rest of the class, people were trying to figure out what the word weird meant.

As bad as they are, I’m going to miss these guys once they graduate.


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