Osaka Illumination

How about I talk about a recent event for once? During December and January, Japan has a lot of illumination shows going on.  Basically Japan gets in the spirit of Christmas lights and puts tons of lights around the city, even making cool displays of it.  The more notable one is Kobe’s Luminarie, which is dedicated to the victims of the Kobe Earthquake.  As much as I wanted to go to it, I simply didn’t have the time nor the patience to sit through an endless crowd to watch it.

Instead, I decided to check out the illumination shows they were having in Osaka.  Around City Hall there were various lights scattered around within a mile radius.  Luckily the weather was rather warm so walking around and checking out the lights felt rather nice!  I took tons of pictures of it.  Here are just a few:












Next year I want to try to go to Kobe Luminarie and the ones in Kyoto.  Japan has their own way of being festive during the holidays!


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