The English Skit Contest

I may have mentioned it before but back in October my junior high kids were involved in a English skit contest.  There was pressure for all junior high schools to participate by the BOE but my school managed to be the only one to heed the call.  Now it might be stupid to have your students compete against each other (since the school is going to win no matter what) but my JTE went ahead and started training them for the event.

Eventually, she asked me to help them out after school.  Since I usually had time to kill after class, I agreed to it.  When she handed me the script of the skit, I nearly lost it.  The script was written by a friend/co-worker of mine who didn’t know what they were going to use it for.  It involved a patient going to a doctor because they thought they ate a rock (but it was hard bread baked by his girlfriend).  I was 110% on board when I found out that this was going to be the skit.  So, every Thursday after school I would be training my 1st and 2nd years on pronunciation and acting on this silly skit.  This blew the English speech contest out of the water in terms of entertainment.

I was so into this contest in fact that I decided to attend the event itself.  This surprised my JTE because it was on a Saturday and the contest was tiny itself.  After investing so much time with my students though, I wanted to see the results (and the hilarity of the skit itself).  Luckily, the staff involved in the contest recorded the whole thing and I uploaded it for your amusement:

My 1st years managed to win first place, shocking my 2nd years and I.  The 2nd years that decided to participate were considered some of my best kids so I was really surprised to hear that my 1st years won.  They really deserved it though—they would ask me questions about the pronunciation of words, how they should act, and even made props!  I clearly underestimated them but am happy to see that we have more rising stars interested in English.  They even managed to rile up my 2nd years—they claim that they will enter next year and get their revenge on them.  I can’t wait.


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