Recently on my walks back home, I have been running into a couple of my 5th graders from my Tuesday school.  They’re a cute couple of girls that I suppose have taken the role of my old 5th graders that  used to walk home with me last year.  Momoka is a quiet 5th grader who likes to talk to me about random stuff while I stand in class bored as Subarashii teaches the entire class on her own.  She definitely keeps me from falling asleep so I’m glad she’s there.  I’m just getting to know her friend who walks home with her—she’s a nice but shy girl.  But hey, so am I…except I’m a guy.

Anyways, usually when I’m nearing the train station, I will run into them going home.  They’ll usually wave and say hi to me, which is nice.  However, one Friday when I was walking home I saw them across the street from me.  They were telling me “Diego-sensei! Stop, stop!  Wait right there!” so I waited for the light to turn green.  When it did, they happily ran across the street and up to me, handing me this:


“Here you go!” Momoka said.  “That’s all!  Bye bye!”  As quickly as they came up to me, they ran off, waving to me.  I waved back, still somewhat confused at what just happened.  I do love me some tangerines though and ate it when I got home.  I love little moments like this.

Lately, I have been walking home together with them.  “Did you eat the tangerine?” she asked me the following week.

“Yep!  It was delicious!”

“So you’re going back to the U.S. next week, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“Try to bring back some souvenirs, okay??”

I’ll do my best.


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