The Toylet

A few months back, I saw a video about Sega introducing a new game for those in Japan: the Toylet.  The Toylet is basically a urinal with a target mark on the bottom.  On the top of the urinal is a screen where one can play various mini games.  The Toylet can measure how much you’re peeing, at what rate you are doing it, and so on.  A lot of the mini games require aiming or how much you actually exert.  I cannot make this stuff up. Here’s a couple of videos showing off the thing:

After finding the table flipping game last year, I needed a new bizarre thing to find.  This was it.

I finally found out it in the beginning of January.  It was located at a Sega game center/arcade in Shinsaibashi:




The urinal itself was free to play which was nice.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really have to go to the bathroom so when I played, I didn’t do the greatest.  It seems this game is pretty popular because I had a few people come in and immediately leave when they saw me on it even though there was a toilet and another urinal open.

I know where to go when if I’m in Shinsaibashi and I really have to go to the bathroom!  Check another thing off the Japan checklist.


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