Momotaro Skits

At my Wednesday school, the students made skits based on the play Momotaro, or Peach Boy.  This story is pretty legendary in Japan.  For those who don’t know the story, it’s about a kid being born out of a peach.  When ogres are stealing gold and wrecking villages, it’s up to Momotaro to recruit a few animals (with the help of some millet dumplings)  and sail to Devil’s Island, where they fight and beat the ogres.

Each group did a scene from the story.  I took a few videos of them.  My favorite one is probably the one involving Isa, Ryu, and Moe.  They made their own song in English which was awesome:

In case you’re wondering, they’re singing “Peach Boy-san, Peach Boy-san, please give me one kibidango (millet dumpling), please give me one kibidango!”

Although, the group with Mirai and Ryuga were pretty good too mainly because Mirai was playing a peach getting cut open.  Ryuga’s comedy antics also come into play:

This group’s presentation was pretty funny just based on how abruptly it ended.  Mr. Kimoto lost  it afterwards (you can kinda hear it at the very end):

I also inquired about which of my 6th graders are going to my junior high school.  Sadly, only around half of them are coming; the rest are going to private schools.  There’s only two weeks left until graduation.  I’m going to be really sad; these group of kids were the first ones that I really connected to and after two years, we’ll be saying our goodbyes (to some of them at least).  I suppose this is the life of a teacher though.  They grow up so fast! *sniff*


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