For the past month and a half, my Friday school’s 6th graders have been practicing for 出前授業ーーdemaejugyouDemaejugyou is when the 6th graders teach a lower grade a certain subject.  From what I understand, a former JTE from a junior high school has been teaching here the past few years.  She started the demaejugyou project in which the 6th graders teach 2nd graders English.

I was a little bummed to hear about the project because I don’t really get to do anything during class.  I usually just walk around and answer any questions the students have (if any).  As time went on though, I realized how memorable it was going to be for them.  For them,  to be able to teach a class in the same style I would really showed them how much they have progressed in terms of English comprehension.  Students would form in groups and each group was in charge of doing an activity, whether it was introducing the English words, a game, or a song.  Throughout the weeks they would figure out the schedule, how they would carry out the activity and rehearse it in front of the class.

Most kumis (classes) did a good job on it but 6-2’s kids didn’t really care.  6-2 had slowly been turning into a class full of delinquents (more on that another time) so they would end up spending each English class doing nothing.  It really showed when they actually had to teach the 2nd graders.  I felt bad for the little ones.

On the other hand, the rest of the kumis did a great job from what I gathered.  Unfortunately I was only able to see one good kumi’s demaejugyou as the other kumis taught the 2nd graders on a different day.  I liked what I saw though and I was proud of them.  I took a short video of 6-1 teaching the 2nd graders how to play a game:

After reading the student’s feedback on the entire year last week, I learned that a lot of students learned a lot through demaejugyou and got more self-confidence form it.  They considered it the most important part of the year’s curriculum. Although it was a little boring (and sad since I didn’t get to interact much with my 6th graders during the final semester), I’m glad this project is being carried out every year.


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