Parting Thoughts: 3rd Grade

My Wednesday schools’ 3rd graders are a fun bunch.  Always eager to learn, and super adorable.  Combined with Kanatani-sensei, I always have a blast teaching them.  With moments like singing “Days of the Week” happening on a weekly basis, it’s hard not to look forward to teaching them.  Did I mention they’re adorable?  Recently I had my last class with them so I suggested we take a picture.  I figured it’d be one just picture but Kanatani-sensei had us do various poses:

Regular style.

Regular style.

Jazz hands!

Jazz hands!


Free style!

Free style! I think the boys are imitating gorillas.

The two girls on the right side (to my left) are particularly cute.  Airi-chan, who is directly next to me is probably the most active girl of the group.  She’s always playing with the boys and yelling stuff during class.  She’s also half Peruvian.  Maybe that’s why she attaches herself to me.  Don’t be mistaken though, she’s not holding my hand or anything, it’s more like she is tackling me and trying to tickle me down.  Half the time I am usually just dragging her, threatening to throw her out a window as a joke.  She’s way cuter than in the picture!

Same goes for Kotoa—who competes to be the most adorable girl I have ever met.  She’s right next to Airi in the picture.  She’s really small which already makes anything she does 50% more cute.  She also loves English a lot.  Over in Japan there is a role called a nichhokku. Nichokkus are sort of the equivalent of a class representative in elementary schools; they’re in charge of things such as announcing the beginning/end of class, making sure the doors are closed at the end of the day and other random things.  They rotate everyday.  Anyways, for this class, the nichokku is also in charge of writing today’s goal for the 3rd graders.  Since she loves English, she wrote down, “Today I will do my best in Diego’s English class!”  Hnng.  I swear I’m going to have a heart attack from cuteness overload one of these days.  She also likes to jump in the bandwagon of tickling me along with Airi.  I definitely have to look behind me whenever I pass by the 3rd graders classroom.

I loved these kids since they were second graders so I look forward teaching them when they’re 4th graders next year!


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