Spring in Japan: Arashiyama and the Philosopher’s Path

On the final Friday of my spring break, I noticed that the weather was going to be great but a terrible storm was on its way starting on Saturday.  Rain and wind can greatly affect how long the cherry blossoms will be around; I had a feeling that the majority of them would be gone after that weekend.  Thus, I had a impromptu solo trip to Kyoto.

After going to Arashiyama once, I wanted to go back once during the spring to see how it looked like with the sakura.  It didn’t disappoint:





I really like this picture.

I really like this picture.



After a short walk around the area, I was off to the Philosopher’s Path.  I’ll admit I was surprised at how far away it was from Arashiyama; it took a few train trips to get there but it was worth it.  The Philosopher’s Path gets its name from Nishida Kitaro, a very famous Japanese philosopher who would always walk down this path. It’s a nice, peaceful 2 km walk that has a variety of cafes and knick-knack stores to the sides, as well as a stream In the middle.  The sakura trees made this walk breathtaking:


It begins.

It begins.






Cute teddy bear family fishing.

Cute teddy bear family fishing.




Until next year, sakura.

Until next year, sakura.

Visiting Kyoto at the end of sakura season was a great way to conclude my spring break.  I’m lucky to have such a peaceful, scenic place an hour or so away.


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