Another School Year Begins…

The new school year begun early April.  As usual, many teachers transferred and I have been shuffled around.  I always think of a sports draft when it comes to this time because all of our schools wonder who is leaving and who we are getting as a replacement.  Most teachers don’t even know where they’re going (or if they’re staying) until the week before.

As for me, my schedule has somewhat changed.  The biggest change for me was losing my Tuesday school (that had the infamous Subarashii-sensei) which really bummed me out.  I was so happy to hear that she was finally retiring so I could actually teach and talk to the students but instead, my friend is going to teach both 5th and 6th grade there while I go back to my original Monday school when I first came here.

This initially frightened and angered me.  I have a feeling that Subarashii told the principals about wanting to have my friend teach both grades rather than have two ALTs in one school because we always clashed.  Sure on the outside we were professional with each other but deep down, we really couldn’t stand each other.  In the end, it bit me in the ass as the principal went along with her suggestion.  I was sad that I wasn’t able to say good bye to some of my students, like the ones that would walk home with me.

I was highly skeptical of going back to my Monday school.  While I had some fun memories from there, the bad mostly outweighed the good; I taught some of the worst classes there with the douchiest kids.  Not to mention it takes over an hour to get there.

However, I was surprised.  This year’s 5th graders at that school are really nice.  I’m still dumbfounded at  how much has changed over the past year.  Plus the main teacher I’m working there is hardworking and willing to do whatever I want.  At least I have that going for me!

Now Mondays and Tuesdays I go to my former Friday school.  Originally I was supposed to teach the 5th graders which would’ve been awesome because a lot of good teachers were there, including Nishikawa-sensei.  Unfortunately I got swapped at the very last minute per the request of the head 6th grade teacher, a teacher I have worked with the past two years. I really didn’t want to go along because I haven’t really worked with the 6th graders and last year I heard they were little hellions.  Who would want to teach them?  However, the principal made it so that the best of the best are in charge of each class and they have divided them into 5 classes instead of 5 in order to minimize their bad attitudes.  So far it’s been okay, but I can tell there are some asshole kids out there.  As long as the home room teacher disciplines them, I should be okay.

We lost a few good teachers at my Wednesday school, including Kimoto-sensei.  However, Chika-sensei stayed (yay!) and we got another young teacher.  I’m always happy when I hear someone young comes to my school because it increase the chance of getting along with them.  She’s a really nice teacher!  Amusingly enough, she shares the last name as Nishikawa-sensei.

My junior high school has now the fewest amount of kids I have seen while I have been there.  There are a total of 47(!) kids.  The new first years, (aka half of my former 6th graders) are only seven in numbers.  It feels a bit weird teaching them because it doesn’t seem like I’m at a classroom, it’s more like doing a tutoring session or something.  However, they’re still the same kids so that makes me happy. Too bad they all couldn’t come to this school…

It’s been a few weeks but I think it’ll still take a couple more weeks or so to see how things will really play out this school year.


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