Random Encounters

I realize the longer I am teaching in the same area, the higher the chances I will be running into former students.  This came into realization when I was heading to work on a Monday.  I was leaving the train station only to run into Misa who was entering it.  We both looked shocked and pointed at each other.

“Misa! What a surprise! How are you?”

“Diego!! I’m tired.” (in Japanese).


“Because…it’s too early!”

“I hear that.  Well, do your best.”

“Yeaaah…”  Seeing her in a fancy high school uniform felt weird but it was nice to run into her.  I thought it was going to be an uncommon thing.  Little did I know…

When I was leaving work on Tuesday, I ran into a swarm of former 6th graders from my Monday/Tuesday school, including members of 6-2.  Just like with Misa, I was a bit surprised to see them in their junior high uniforms.  I was starting to think this wasn’t going to be a rare thing…

Come Wednesday.  I’m waiting for the bus right next to my school and I notice Tama-chan, a former 3rd year, get off the bus.  She excitedly waved at me and I asked her how high school life is. “It’s a lot of fun!” she smiled and ran off.

Thursday.  As I get off the bus and head toward the train station, I run into Question Man and Moe, my former 6th graders from my Wednesday school.  This encounter probably shocked me the most as they were wearing what seemed like very prestigious school uniforms.  Question Man was decked out in a business suit while Moe was in a expensive-looking uniform.  “Junior high is really busy but nice. “ they said to me.

“Wearing a suit every day must suck.  You look awesome though, at least.”  I told Question Man.

“I have to wash this thing too much,” he whined.

Within one week, I ran into this many students.  It’s surprising but I suppose it makes sense since everyone is commuting by train for school now, I will probably run into them  at the train station when it’s time to go to work and go home.  Luckily, I never hang out around the area.  That’d be really awkward to run into students while I’m going out for drinks or something.  That’s one thing I’m thankful for.  I know some people who live right next to their school.  While it might only take them a few minutes to get to work, they have to deal with risking seeing their kids if they go out around the area.  I like my students, but I definitely don’t want to mix them up with my social life!


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