A Wild Japanese Marten Appears!

As some of you may know, my junior high is out in the inaka, or countryside.  Generally, I find inaka schools to be friendlier and more fun than ones close to the city.  Also, the scenery around the school is just gorgeous. It’s totally worth the extra 15 minutes of commuting.

Since we’re in the inaka though, things are definitely more…rural.  In the fall we had a monkey sighting by my Wednesday school.  Recently at my junior high though, we captured a couple of wild Japanese martens.

I had no idea what a marten was until I saw one.  I originally thought it was a ferret but people seem to be saying it’s closer to a weasel.  Anyways, the gym teacher had been hearing strange sounds from underneath the gym one day and decided to investigate.  A Japanese marten somehow ended up under there and had been wandering around for quite some time.

I was wandering around the halls when news broke out.  I looked outside the window and saw teachers and students hovering around a cage.  The little critter himself seemed pretty laid-back for just being captured.   The science teacher even offered to give to me as a pet.  I still can’t tell if he was joking or not, but I politely declined.

The newspaper club decided to run their next issue about it. I took a few pictures of it:


We caught seven of them!

We caught seven of them!

Apparently the Japanese marten has not been the only animal that my junior high has captured.  Other creatures include a raccoon and a weasel.  Gotta love working in the countryside:


Other stuff my junior high has captured includes a raccoon and a weasel.

We released them back in the wild afterwards!

After watching this video, I couldn’t help but find them cute:


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