Salad Days

Time continues to pass by in my junior high school.  Graduation day for my beloved third years is slowly approaching so I’m trying to enjoy my days there as much as I can.  Here are a few anecdotes that have been going on this fall.

I was doing a three hint quiz for the kids to answer.  The answer was English.

Me: It’s available all over the world.  It’s very useful.  People use it everyday! What is it?

Maido: OOH, OOH, I KNOW!

Me: Maido!


I’ll admit, it does fit the criteria…

Another day we were giving speeches about who would our ideal girlfriend/boyfriend be.  I knew this was going to be a hilarious lesson as a result.  And yet, it was oddly flirty:

Ina: My ideal boyfriend is kind, has a nice smile and has very good English.

Me: Hey, perfect job Ina! *gives the okay sign*

Ina: *gives the okay sign and winks at me*

Me: Ahh…

It’s pretty funny how she has gone from hating my guts the first year to hitting on me.  Silly girl.

Kimiya’s speech was just as ballsy though.

Kimiya: My ideal girlfriend is someone like Maido!

Everyone: Oooooooh!

Maido: Oooooh wow! *winks* (in Japanese) God, that’s disgusting.  The worst! UGH.

Hopefully Kimiya was just playing around…

As much fun as I’m having with the third years, the second years are growing on me a lot.  Both the boys and girls think I’m a rock star for some reason and I’m cool with that.  In October we were preparing for the observation lesson later that month that involved students drawing their ideal Halloween costume.  I showed a bunch of Halloween pictures to get them thinking.  For some reason, pumpkin pie was on there.

Ami: Ahh! That pie looks so delicious!  That’s it!  I want to be a pumpkin pie for Halloween!

Me: Umm? Really? That’s fine but why?

Ami: Because it looks delicious!

So while everyone is drawing pictures of cats, witches, monsters, I have Ami drawing a slice of pumpkin pie while she whines that she can’t draw the frosting very well.  Junior high kids can still be adorable.

Ami's version of pumpkin pie.

Ami’s version of pumpkin pie.

Along with drawing a picture, they have to draw the kanji equivalent of the word on the back.  An interesting way to combine English and Japanese into the lesson but hey, it wasn’t my idea.  The amusing part was that since I was going to be the model example for the observation lesson, I had to draw a picture and the kanji character myself!

I’ve only done calligraphy once and I was mediocre at it. When Kita-sensei told me I had to do it, almost all my students overheard her and rushed over to the calligraphy corner.  I had to draw the kanji equivalent of “jack-o-lantern” for the first time ever while having 7 or so students look at me! It was a little nerve-wracking so it didn’t come out as nice as I hoped.  However, everyone was super polite and said it looked nice and some kids even said they would do worse.  Kita-sensei wanted to take a picture of me and everyone overheard that so they all wanted a group picture:


Ayu from the 3rd years managed to sneak in!

Ayu from the 3rd years managed to sneak in!

Another day the music teacher asked me if I could pronounce some English words for a song that the 1st years were singing.  I was more than happy to.  After hearing that I used to be in choir, she requested if I could sing the whole thing on tape.  I clumsily did it since it was my first time singing the song and I thought that was the end of it.

(Yep, I guess I ended up singing EXILE’s version of 銀河鉄道999.)

Was it over? Far from it!  During after school activities, she came running to me asking me if I could re-record it since it didn’t come out well.  Naturally, some of my students overheard this and listened to me sing it.  After awhile, they jumped in themselves!  I screwed up again but it was a lot of fun and nostalgic.  It was like I was in high school all over again!

I used to be able to read music really well..

I used to be able to read music really well..


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