Merry Christmas from my Junior High

After the success of the thankful turkey that we made for Thanksgiving, I was told to make a giant Christmas tree for everyone to put ornaments on.  The ornaments had messages about what the students wished for this year.

Of course, class was the most amusing when the third years were making the ornaments.  I had decided to play some Christmas music throughout the entire class.  Suddenly Ina yells, “Diego, Diego!  Is that one song going to be the playlist?”

“Umm, what song?” I asked.

“You know! Nanaaa…nanaaaa…wonderful Christmas time!”

“…Paul McCartney’s song?”  As soon as she sang that tune, a few others really wanted to hear it too.  My JTE then tells me that she had taught them a couple of Christmas songs a couple of weeks of ago and “Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” happened to be one of them.  I thought it was funny that they were really into it as the majority of kids their age in the U.S. would probably think it was lame.  I didn’t mind it so I played it for them a couple of times.  By the end of class, I had a couple of boys holding onto each other while singing the song in an octave lower.  They’re so weird (like me).

Ina then of course had to start the “Sayonara Party” joke with me again.  It’ll never get old for her.  After I finished telling it to her, I noticed the windows had gotten all fogged up.  Ina proceeded to attempt to write my name but screwed it up.  I corrected it for her and then wrote her name under mine.  I went back to helping other students write their Christmas messages when I heard Ina yell my name and pointed at the window:

"Daisuki Diego." or "I love Diego!"

“Daisuki Diego.” or “I love Diego!”

It’s funny how much she has warmed up to me.  Sassy, yet adorable at the same time.

It was a nice way to conclude the semester and begin the holiday season.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas!


Ichiro insisted on making poop borders.

Ichiro insisted on making poop borders.


So adorable.

So adorable.




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