Valentine’s at Junior High

I’m trying to enjoy every minute we have together as graduation rapidly approaches.  A few weeks ago we had our Valentine’s Day lesson.  I really didn’t have an idea what to do until I ran into a worksheet which involved asking various people personality questions.   The person who had the most matching answers to you would be your match.  At the end, you would ask your match out on a date.  If you were also their best mach, they would say yes.  Otherwise, they’d politely refuse.  Normally if I saw this worksheet I would say to myself “There’s no way in hell this is going to work.”  But knowing my third years, I knew this had potential to be hilarious.  And boy was it.

Students were cracking up when they were asking each other the questions. They were also in shock to see who exactly was getting all the same answers.  I was also doing the game for kicks.  Before it started, I predicted Mao would be my match; our personalities are very similar.  As luck would have it, Mao came up to me and started asking questions:

“Diego!  What animal do you relate yourself to the most?”

“The mouse.”

“Oh me too!  What is the one thing you don’t like?”

“Crowded places.”

Mao started yelling “ii kanji!” which basically means “I’m getting good vibes!”  In the end, 4 of the 6 answers were the same.

It was then time to ask for your match on a date. Mao and I ended up matching each other but the other couples were pretty hilarious.  Some of them were people you would never expect dating each other, like Manami and Ichiro.  My JTE suggested that we have some of the students present the asking out part in front of the class.  And this is when things got really funny.

First up was Shinji-kun and Kimiya.  Shinji-kun, being the comedian that he is, gave a ridiculous smirk the entire time and acted like a lady.  Everyone couldn’t stop laughing.  I had Ina and Reno do one and they were clinging onto each other the whole time.  Girl love!

The best by far was Manami and Ichiro.  Originally I wasn’t going to pick them but Ichiro insisted being the last pair to roleplay.  I had a feeling something was up but I let them do it anyways.  The asking out part just involves the students reading off a script.  Ichiro though, decided to start adlibbing.  I don’t think Manami was in on it.

“Hello Manami!”

“Hello, Ichiro.”

“Would you like to come to my room with me?”  At this point, everyone started gasping and whooping.  My JTE looked super shocked and I was dumbfounded.  What a ballsy move, and it was in English!  Manami didn’t seem like she was expecting that but she recovered very fast by saying “Sorry, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”  Laughter ensued.  It’s days like this that I’m going to miss the most.


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