Cherry Blossoms in Osaka

After coming back from Hong Kong in April, I had a few days to enjoy the remainder of the cherry blossoms that were in full bloom.  Unlike last year, I only stayed around Osaka to view them as I was low on cash from the big trip.

While I have been to Osaka Castle multiple times for hanami parties, I never really explored the area fully when the cherry blossoms were in bloom.  I figured this was the year to do it.  I can see why everyone loves to do hanami here; the view is beautiful.  I have already walked around the premises of Osaka Castle but things look so different when the sakura are around.  Here are some pictures:










I really wish the sakura were in bloom longer.  I’ll have possibly one more year to enjoy the sight of it.  Next year for sure I’ll try to enjoy the cherry blossoms in many locations as possible.



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