Spring in Japan: Expo Commemoration Park

Last month a friend’s student invited me to the Expo Commemoration Park because there was going to be an exhibit of flowers there.  The Expo Commemoration Park is probably most famously known for the Tower of the Sun, a giant white tower that reminds me of a totem pole.  It’s apparently one of the more well-known landmarks but because the park itself is in the very northern region of Osaka, I had never been there before.  Just getting there takes over an hour, around the same time I could get to Kyoto!

The Expo Commemoration Park is what the name says.  It commemorates the a world fair that took place there in 1970.  You can still see some of the signs that the expo had back in the day but they are very weathered down at this point.  Once in awhile, you may run into the shadow of a sculpture that once stood there 40 years ago.  I wonder what it looked like back in the 70s?

Although the fair part of the park is gone, there is still plenty to do there.  I was very surprised at how big the park was; it took us basically all afternoon to explore the whole area.  The nature there is really beautiful.  If you like going on a walk, I’d definitely visit here.  It really gives you a relaxing feeling:


The Tower of the Sun.

The Tower of the Sun.




Painting the fields.

Painting the fields.


The walk through the gardens was so peaceful.

The walk through the gardens was so peaceful.



The flower display itself was pretty nice.  It reminded me when I went to Hokkaido last summer.  My friend was in awe since she’s a bit of a flower junkie.

If you want to spend a relaxing day just walking around and enjoying nature, I’d recommend the Expo Commemoration Park.  It’s very laidback and quiet, something that I enjoy once in awhile


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