On the Up and Up

I’ve been really digging my Monday/Tuesday school this school year.  Dare I say it might be my favorite elementary school to attend this year!  I would’ve never thought that would ever occur but the staff and my new kids are just great.  The kids are super nice and always make small conversations with me.

I start the day off with teaching 5-3. 5-3’s homeroom teacher is someone I like to call Ponytail.  Ponytail is known to always have good classes because she knows how to handle her skills and as you might guess, has a big ponytail.  Her shirts/sweaters are always amusing too; one day I saw her wearing a hoodie just saying “Hell Yeah!” and another day she was wearing a shirt saying “I ❤ caterpillars”.  That’s cool with me.  She will usually come up to me and ask for the lesson rundown so that she can pass it down to everyone else.  She’s always really polite with me when it comes to that, which throws me off.  As a lady who has a badass aura to her, it’s kinda funny to see her being so polite with me.   She’s really good at summarizing the lesson plans so I thank her for that every week.  Her kids are good, with the exception of Kouju, a chubby kid who is always asking me the weirdest questions.  I guess he’s a bit of a troll but he isn’t even that bad compared to last year’s kids.

Next up is 5-5.  5-5’s homeroom teacher is Tanaka-sensei.  We have taught before last year in fourth grade so we already know how we each operate.  The kids are mainly good, except for one boy who, depending on the week, is just dead inside or a noisy douche.  But even he can’t stop the momentum we have going during class.

Next is 5-4.  5-4 is really good because of the teacher, Masutani-sensei.  My friend had him last year in 5th grade but unfortunately he had the worst kids, which made his class a living hell.  Fortunately this year it’s a lot better.  I have heard good things about him and they’re true.  He will always come up to me before class and ask me for a general rundown.  Not only that, he’ll ask what the teaching “style”  will be like today, whether he wants me to do most of the talking, him, or have it a happy middle.  I like it when we both teach and when we do we are pretty good at not stepping on each other’s toes.

His kids are pretty amusing too.  One girl that stands out is Karin, who is always asking me questions or chiming in to whatever we are talking about.  Another boy is Ryuuki who used to be a complete asshole last year.  For some reason, this year he is a pretty upstanding student.  I feel like half of the reason of that is because his teacher is a guy this time around as opposed to a woman.  I’ve noticed some boys don’t’ really act well with female teachers but when it comes to guys, they act better, maybe as a way to try to impress them.  Plus I have more of a role this year with him too so he is always asking me legitimate questions.  One day, he randomly came up to me and went off for about a minute on why he thinks the name Diego is cool (because a lot of soccer players have it).  I would have never thought this boy would be giving me speeches like this.  I’m just glad he’s doing a lot better this year.

Lunchtime is a nice relaxing time because my new desk is by where everyone goes to chit chat about whatever.  Kishida-sensei, the new music teacher, always sits by me in order to make sure the kids in charge of the lunch announcements are doing a good job.  Since she’s young, she’s really easy to talk to and is pretty popular among the staff and students.  After lunch, everyone gathers around my area and talks about whatever, and they’re usually nice enough to include me in the conversation, even if I’m not always sure what they’re talking about.

After lunch, I teach 5-2.  Sugimoto-sensei is in charge of this class and I was really worried about her at first.  She seemed really clueless the first couple of weeks but now she seems to have more confidence in herself.  She’ll usually let me do most of the talking though while she is on standby, chiming in when she feels like she needs to.  She’s a nice lady, and her kids are really nice so teaching on my own isn’t too big of an issue.

Finally, there is 5-1.  5-1 has Tsuji-sensei, which is my favorite teacher to teach with.  I taught 4th grade with him last year and his class was always the best.  I think the reason I like his class the best is because he actively participates in it.  He also throws in random things about class that you normally don’t hear.  For example, when kids were confused that Australian accents sound similar, he went out of his way to explain the way we say “day” compared to Australians.  As soon as he told that story, everyone could tell the difference between accents.  We also go into random stories in the middle of class which are always funny to hear.  As for his kids, they are also great.  Riko is the active girl that’s always talking to me and making sure that everything is correct.  Shinjiro is a cute little boy who is sassy as fuck but knows when to put that on hold.  Kagetsu is a quiet girl who loves to draw emoji faces on her feedback sheets.

Besides the classes, one of my favorite things in this school on Tuesdays is to read the feedback sheets the students write every week.  Some of the comments are really detailed, and it’s cute to see how excited some kids are for English.  The way they doodle the weather too is adorable:

Those weather drawings are too cute.

Those weather drawings are too cute.


Kagetsu’s silly emoji faces

Kagetsu’s silly emoji faces.

Tuesdays might possibly be my new favorite day of the week, aside from Thursdays.  It’s really nice to be working with teachers my age for once.  We all get along and I guess communicating with each other is a lot easier.  Plus it’s more fun to joke around with them.  I hope the rest of the year is like this!


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