Sports Festival Hijinks

Well, June/July turned out to be pretty crazy busy leading to me not writing on here for awhile.  Now that I’m on summer vacation though, I plan on making up for lost time!  What’s been happening the past two months? Well…

June  marked the start of sports festival season.  I swear, it starts earlier every year.  The funny thing is that the reason they start them so early (compared to the usual September) is to avoid the summer heat.  However, the weekend my Monday/Tuesday school’s sports festival was blazing hot anyways so it didn’t really matter.

The performances this year were really nice.  I watched a lot of my kids practice before the day of the festival and they really put some effort into it this year.  Here are a few videos.  Some were cut short because my phone’s memory ran out  :\

The 3rd grade dance was really good.  I thought it was a nice coincidence that they were dancing to the song I was practicing for last year at my junior high:

My 5th graders did awesome with their dance.  Unfortunately my phone ran out of memory halfway through so I didn’t record all of it…:

I was especially impressed with the sixth grade’s finale performance.  Since I had an eagle-eye shot this year, I could see how the choreography was supposed to look from above.  Unfortunately YouTube is dumb and muted the audio they were dancing to.  It was EXILE’s “Victory”.  Funny how they didn’t mute the other videos.  Either way, I find this to be the best performance I have seen in a sports festival yet:

Here’s EXILE’s “Victory” in case you were curious.  Seriously, why can I hear it on here and not on my video?  It really irks me:

After the festival, I went to the enkai afterwards, for once.  I always go to my Wednesday school’s enkais but I have been always meaning to try to go to one from here.  I know so many of the staff now and I’m friendly with a nice chunk of them so I felt like it would be a lot of fun.  One of my native English coworkers had to cancel so I was initially worried if I was going to have fun or not.

Those worries were quickly swept away when the party started.  Everyone was really surprised to see me, but more than happy to welcome me.  The thing I like about enkais is people reveal things about themselves that you probably would never know if you were at work.  For example, I knew Kurihara-sensei as the always friendly, energetic music teacher (now curriculum leader).   Little did I know how much of a jokester she really is.  It all started when she asked me if there was any food that I didn’t like.   I told her mushrooms weren’t really my thing.

“Oh in that case, it’s time for you to eat mushrooms!”  She then put a ton of mushrooms on my plate.  She kept bringing this up throughout the dinner.  Whenever there was a skit going on in front of the room, she would always heckle them from the back.  It was hilarious, I had no idea she had that side to her.

Speaking of skits, that’s probably the thing I noticed the most.  I’m not sure if they do it at every party but each grade had to come up with a comedic skit that mocked their grades as well as themselves.  The theme this time was practicing for the sports festival.  Since we’re in Osaka, the land of manzai and comedy, it didn’t feel out of place to watch these skits.

Another theme that was present was people trying to pair me up with another single lady in the room.  This is pretty common as school staff are pretty nosy with personal affairs (which is why I rarely bring them up).  By the end of the night, it was ingrained into my brain on who was single.  I’ll admit, it’s not a bad batch, but I’ll probably never go that route.

Anyways, as the night went on, people got more and more drunk and more happy to talk to me. Tsuji-sensei claimed to Kurihara-sensei that we are more like friends now since last year.  I can agree to that but it makes me happy to hear it from him.

It was nice to go to a party that wasn’t from my Wednesday’s school.  Perhaps I shall attend more enkais now!


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